Farming Games for Boys

If you want some fun farming experience, here’s a list of games for you.

Farming Simulator 2013


Farming Simulator 2013 is exactly what it sounds like, a farming simulator. As such, you are going to need to farm and move through this realistic world with one thought in mind: Caring for your farm. Everything is true to real life, adding to the realism that makes simulators so exciting.

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Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette


Farm Frenzy is known for its crazy and exciting farming experience, and that is what you can expect with Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette. It is the excitement that you want, and challenges that you expect, with a new face and a few additions to make it feel fresh.

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Farmville 2


FarmVille 2 offers the FarmVille experience that you know and love, but with a few changes. It improves the game play, making everything feel new and different without sacrificing what made the original so good. It is a great way to change up the game while still farming your way.

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Farming Giant


Farming Giant requires time, effort, and intelligence to see everything come to life. You have to use plants, livestock, vehicles, and other tools available to you to build up your farm. Make sure that you use everything wisely in order to produce some astonishing results.

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Farm Tribe


Challenge yourself with Farm Tribe. This game is going to test your skills and your mind in ways that other farming games cannot, and all while remaining entertaining. You have to provide for everyone, grow your tribe, improve every aspect of the builds and land, and keep everything running.

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My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

From a simple meadow to a prosperous village, My Little Farmies offers an experience like no other. You are not just farming here, after all; you also have to build up a village and the life of the people inside. Turn a small piece of land into a home for many, many people.

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My Free Farm


Plants, buildings, and more are available to you in My Free Farm. You have to use everything available to you to create a town and a farm that everyone is sure to enjoy. Bring everything together, profit, and create something that is amazing. The possibilities here are going to surprise you.

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Farm for You Life


A storm brings up the dead, who destroy quite a bit in their path. In Farm for Your Life, it is your job to create a farm, run a restaurant, and help the living to survive. You have to do all of this while managing a zombie invasion, which is going to threaten to tear away everything you know.

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Hay Day


Care for livestock, grow crops, and make money in Hay Day. This game offers the real farming experience that you are after in a new, exciting package. This experience is combined with a lot of options and a great design, keeping it addictive and fun for a very long time.

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Family Farm


To provide for your family and to have some fun along the way, you are going to have to build up your very own farm. Family Farm offers beautiful graphics and a fantastic experience, allowing you to feel like a real farmer in this immense and exciting world. Farming has never been so fun.

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Molehill Empire


Playing Molehill Empire gives you the opportunity to farm and to have fun in big ways. This game offers a massive selection, and you can enjoy it all with ease. As you grow your crops and harvest them, you are going to make money, which you can use at the store to grow your farm even more.

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Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes


In Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes, you have the farming experience that you know and love, but with a twist. Rather than just the basic farming, you are going to farm with a Viking theme. This theme applies to the appearance, what you have on your farm, and what you do, creating something unique and new.

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Pot Farm


Farm games on Facebook are everywhere, but few can compare to Pot Farm. In this game, you are going to grow pot leaves, and all with a design that goes along with the “stoner” or “hippy” feel. Make sure that your plants receive the care that they need and make sure that you grow some of the best plants possible.

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