Games Like Fantasy Farms

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fantasy Farms.

Hay Day


Hay Day is a cartoony farming game with realistic tasks. You are going to build up your farm, plant crops, and take care of livestock. You have a lot of tasks to complete here, and the reward is seeing your farm grow and become far greater than you ever thought it could be.

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Tiny Farm

tiny Farm 5

Tiny animals, tiny houses, and a tiny look make Tiny Farm all too cute. The massive game, though, makes it exciting. Beyond its initial appearance, this game gives you a huge playground and plenty to do. It is the type of farm that you want and that will have you looking for more ways to play.

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Farm Up! HD


Farm Up! HD offers a more realistic approach to farming games. It is set in the early 1900’s, too, so this approach is different from other realistic farming games. You will have to build the farm and manage the area in ways that make this game feel completely different from other titles out there.

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Fairy Farm For iPhone/iPad


Bring magic to life in Fairy Farm. You will build up a farm using magic, fairies, mythical creatures, and so much more. It is unlike most other farming games out there. It still has the same type of farming gameplay you expect, but its approach is brand new and far more imaginative than normal.

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Green Farm 3

Green Farm5

Green Farm 3 has it all. Farming, crops, livestock, building, and gameplay that will keep you busy. Along with all of that, it has a storyline and characters that make the most out of the experience. It will keep a smile on your face from the moment that you start to play it.

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Farm Story™


Every farm has a story. In Farm Story, you are going to tell yours. You will start from almost nothing, but slowly grow your farm until it is huge. Even then, there is always more to do. This is a nonstop adventure of farming and of making a living off all of your hard work and dedication.

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Farm Mania 2 HD


Are you caught up in the farming craze? If so, throw yourself into Farm Mania 2 HD. Even if you only sort of like the genre, there is a lot here for you to do. Take care of animals and crops, and manage everything successfully, to have the perfect farm. It is simple to do all of this, too.

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Hobby Farm HD

Hobby Farm HD2

Paradise awaits in Hobby Farm HD. You will live on an island and you will work on your very own farm. This is your farm, your home, and your chance to live your life’s dream. Watch all of your hard work turn into actual plants and watch as the farm becomes something incredible.

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Top Farm

Top Farm11

Watch your farm grow and become the best in Top Farm. You are going to work your hardest to turn this simple, small farm into the best farm anyone has ever seen. This is not something just anyone can do, of course, which is why it requires dedication and effort to see some results.

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Farm Frenzy 3

farmfrenzy3 7

You are not just farming in Farm Frenzy 3. You are going to work with animals here. Your goal is to care for them and to breed them. What you breed and what comes out of this, though, is purely amazing. The bred animals will leave you stunned and will leave you want to play so much more.

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Family Farm Seaside


Build up your farm while living on the seaside in Family Farm Seaside. The main appeal here is, of course, the farming. You can farm and you can watch your farm grow right in front of you. The seaside aspect makes the game more enjoyable and beautiful, adding the perfect setting.

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