Games Like Farming Manager

Here is a list of games that are similar to Farming Manager.

Farming Giant


Farming Giant is a strategy game where you take care of your farm and work to make it amazing. It is a bit different from most other farming games, but it is still just as fun. If you played any of the other Giant games available from this developer, you should know what to expect from this title.

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The Planner: Farming

The Planner11

The Planner: Farming puts you in a position to care for a rundown farm left to you. Your job is to bring it back to a lively condition and make it better than ever before. To do this, you will have to clean things up, get the plants growing, and, of course, put in the hard work and time to get it all going.

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Agricultural Simulator 2013

Agricultural Simulator11

Agricultural Simulator is a realistic experience. Its graphics and setup will throw you into this world, imagining yourself as a true farmer. You will grow plants, bring everything to harvest, and take care of every aspect of the farm as you would if you were an actual farmer, but without the sweat.

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Eco Farm

Eco Farm10

Eco Farm is a social game with a focus on eco-friendly efforts. You will grow fresh fruits and vegetables, as always, but with an environmentally friendly approach. Everything you do is about maintaining the environment, which means building things like solar panels and doing what is best for the earth.

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Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator 2013

Farming Simulator is a full game that feels as if you are working on a farm, just without the farmer’s tan or actual hard work. You will complete normal tasks, manage money, and keep the farm growing. It is your job to make sure that everything runs properly and that you are a complete success.

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Farm Defenders

Farm Defenders4

Farm Defenders gives you a brand new farming experience. Rather than putting all of the focus on the farm, you are going to focus on every aspect of the economy and local needs. You will build a farm, try to build up the economy, and work towards giving the locals a better quality of life.

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Farming World

Farming World3

Farming World is a world of farming. You can build up a farm to include everything you want, from the livestock to the crops to the buildings. You can even specialize in a specific field if there is a particular type of farming you prefer. It is your world and your choice as to what happens.

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Village Farmer Simulator 3D

Village Farmer2

Most farming games focus on the planting and getting everything up and running. In Village Farmer Simulator 3D, however, the focus is on the harvest. It is harvest season and it is time to collect. This means that you have to get all of the crops, you have to do all of the work, and you have to be quick and accurate.

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Professional Farmer 2014

Professional Farmer7

You can now live like a real farmer thanks to Professional Farmer. This gives you the farmer work, taking care of the crops and maintaining everything, in a virtual world. You will work and live as a farmer does when playing this game, just in a much more comfortable environment.

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Farming USA

Farming USA12

For a real, true to life farming experience, you want Farming USA. It gives you the chance to care for crops and livestock, giving them everything they need to survive. You are going to live and work like a farmer, but without the sweat, sun, and exhausting effort that comes with the job.

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Build a town and a farm in Klondike. With two friends to help you, this is not as difficult as you might imagine. You just have to focus on building everything up, making the town look good, and getting all of the crops you need. It will take a lot out of you, but give plenty of entertainment in return.

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Family Farm

familyfarm 3

Through three different areas, you are going to build up your farm and help the people in Family Farm. It is a new take on farming games that switches the focus from the farm to the people. You have to make sure that they are healthy, that they have everything they need, and that everything works as expected.

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Big Farm


Grow a farm and customize the land in Big Farm. You are going to build a farm that has the plants and buildings that you need, and you are going to take care of that farm to your best ability. It is a challenge, but it is an entertaining one with plenty of activities and options to offer.

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Real Farm Tractor Simulator 3D

Real Farm Tractor Simulator 3D

Real Farm Tractor Simulator 3D is a simulator game that mimics tractor use closely. It is fun, realistic, and challenging. You will have to do all of the tractor work yourself, getting the farm up and going, using the intuitive controls available. It is an attractive, clean game that looks and plays great.

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