Games Like Flower Ville

Here is a list of games that are similar to Flower Ville.



Dreamy and imaginative, Dreamfields is more than your average farming game. You can farm, of course, but you can also play with mythical creatures and interesting features. It is truly like a dream, just come to life and ready for you to turn into whatever type of farm you want to build.

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Molehill Empire


Plant all sorts of crops in Molehill Empire. You are going to have a lot available to you, of course, and this means that your garden can become almost anything. Sell what you harvest, buy more, and continue to plant and work on your crops so that they become something extraordinary.

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Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands


Set in a world of wizardry and magic, Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands gives you both the story and the experience you crave. You will have a beautiful, detailed, and well thought out story to go with the amazing and magical farm that you are going to build. It is a great experience overall.

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Magic and farming come together perfectly with Miramagia. You have farming, as always, and that is fun, but it is not what makes this game so entertaining. The best part of it is the magic, from the mythical creatures to the strange items that you can get. It is more than just farming.

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My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

Build up a farm bigger and better than any other in My Little Farmies. Sure, it is little and cute and interesting, but the level of detail here is almost unmatched. Few other games can come close to the amount of features and options that you have available to you here.

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Astro Garden


Being a mad scientist has its rewards. In Astro Garden, one such reward is rebuilding an entire farm and city. You will have the chance to build a farm unlike any other farm out there. It is exactly what you would imagine a mad scientist would build if they had unlimited resources and land.

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Kelly Green: Garden Queen


You inherited a farm in Kelly Green: Garden Queen and it is your job to care for it. This nursery needs your help to go back to its previous glory. Put in the hard work, put in the time, and watch as the garden turns from almost nothing to something splendid and massive.

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Big Farm


Big Farm is a basic farming setup. You have your farm and you have your tasks. Complete these tasks to progress through the story and build up your farm to your desires. The story here is what makes the game stand out from the other titles out there. It is full of unique characters and exciting stories.

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With so much to do, Farmerama may blow your mind, just a little. It is a huge game with more to offer than you normally see in these games. You can go from farming in your own farm to the market to the social part of the game, and all in very little time. There is always more for you to do.

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Let’s Farm

Lets Farm8

Are you ready to farm? Then jump into Let’s Farm. It is a huge and entertaining farming game that has even veterans of the genre excited. It gives you the chance to do so much more than what average farming games offer. Have the type of farm that will leave everyone stunned.

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Family Farm

familyfarm 4

Family Farm offers a brand new way to enjoy farming games. Your goal is to keep the people happy, the people who run the farm. You will want to put everything you have into their satisfaction and you will want to focus on them if you plan to succeed here.

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Klondike mixes city building and farming into one title. It is hugely entertaining and it gives you the chance to get a bit creative. Make your farm whatever you want it to be, and build up this town to become what you want it to be. It is your town and farm so make the most out of it.

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Family Barn

Family Barn12

Live like a real farmer in Family Barn. There is far more here than you might think. From all types of livestock to nearly every crop you can imagine, it is here. This gives you the chance to create an immense farm that offers it all. Become the farm that everyone goes to, no matter what it is they want.

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