Games Like Happy Farm: Candy Day

Here is a list of games that are similar to Happy Farm: Candy Day.

Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside

The seaside has never been more exciting. In Family Farm Seaside, you can start creating and managing your very own farm. Watch as it grows from a few simple crops into something immense. With the seaside always there, there is always something to love about the farm. It is a simple game with a lot to offer.

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Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm 3

The only thing tiny about Tiny Farm is how everything looks. The cutesy appearance makes it all enjoyable to the eyes, and the full gameplay makes it enjoyable in every other way. It is actually a large game with a lot to offer, constantly giving you ways to improve and grow as you play.

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Green Farm 3

Green Farm1

Have an amazing, huge farm in Green Farm 3. If you played the previous two, you should know what to expect. It is mostly your average farming game, but updated with all of the features and options that you want. Go from farming to decorating in a few simple steps, making the best farm possible.

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Top Farm

Top Farm2

Reach the top when you play Top Farm. Through hard work and dedication, you can see your farm start to develop and improve in amazing ways. It is always fun to see your farm go from a small piece of land to something huge, something at which others would marvel.

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Hobby Farm HD

Hobby Farm HD4

Live on a tropical island and fulfill your life’s dream in Hobby Farm HD. In this beautiful farming game, you are going to take up residence on an island and start your own farm. You can build up that farm and you can enjoy yourself far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Hay Day


Care for all types of crops and livestock in Hay Day. It is a somewhat realistic, but still simple and fun, farming game. You can even decorate your farm and have control over nearly every aspect of it. This makes it exciting while still keeping with what you expect in a farming game these days.

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Fairy Farm For iPhone/iPad


Live in a magical world with Fairy Farm. Mythical creatures, amazing items, and incredible sights await you here. It is a game full of magic, as you might guess from the name. You can build the type of magical farm that you have always wanted, and you can see it come to life right in front of you.

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Farm Mania 2 HD


Farm Mania 2 HD is a simple farming game. You are going to take care of animals and crops, growing them and then making use of them. Since it is a simple game, anyone can jump right into it and start caring for crops. It is an entertaining and straightforward game that gives you a great time farming.

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Farm Up! HD


Farm Up! HD is a beautiful game set in the early 1900’s. You are going to build up a farm in this setting, making everything work and seeing the town come to life. Since it is a somewhat realistic game, it is always entertaining to watch and it makes you feel like a real farmer during these times.

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Farm Story™


Farm Story plays out like a lot of farming games these days. You have a basic story and some basic gameplay. You have the chance to build up your farm, choose all types of crops, customize your farm, and make money when your farm becomes a huge success in the industry.

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Farm Frenzy 3

farmfrenzy3 4

Breed and care for animals in Farm Frenzy 3. It is a simple, entertaining game that anyone can play. If you love animals and if you want to breed some hilarious creatures, this is the title for you. Build up your farm and see all of your hard work come to life with your bred animals.

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