Games Like Happy Tale

Here is a list of games that are similar to Happy Tale.


Farm Up! HD


Set in the 1930s, Farm Up! HD gives you a new take on an existing genre. You will build up your farm, collect resources and materials for locals, grow crops, and make money. It is a time where people struggle and where you cannot use machines to do it all. Make the most out of what you have to make the most money.

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Hobby Farm HD

Hobby Farm HD5

Building a farm is not just work in Hobby Farm HD. This is your life and everything you want. You will build up on an abandoned farm on an island you found. You will plant everything you need, such as pineapples, and work towards living the life that you have always wanted.

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Hay Day


Hay Day is your basic farming game. You have all of the tasks and work that you would expect, but in a great looking package. Of course, on top of looking good, it also plays incredibly well. It is intuitive and fun while giving you everything you want and expect out of a farming title.

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Farm Story™


Build up your farm in Farm Story. You will have to start by planting crops, caring for the land, harvesting, and making money. Level up to open up some new features and options, expand your farm, add to it, and make it the best farm. With so much content, you can play for a long time.

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Farm Frenzy 3

farmfrenzy3 3

Travel the world to care for animals in Farm Frenzy 3. You will have to go far and wide to care for and breed various types of animals. Without you, work is not going to be done. It is hard work, but the oftentimes hilarious and wonderful results will keep you loving every minute of it.

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Family Farm Seaside


Plant crops, care for the land, and enjoy life in Family Farm Seaside. You have all of the regular work and missions you would expect, but in a brand new setting. If you played the original Family Farm, you know what to expect. It is everything you love, just with the sea and some nice additions to keep it fresh.

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Farm Mania 2 HD


Livestock and vegetables and fruits await you in Farm Mania 2 HD. The HD version of this game will give you the farming and the work that you want in a more beautiful package. Care for the animals, harvest crops, and get everything growing with graphics that keep it all looking good.

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Fairy Farm For iPhone/iPad


Play Fairy Farm for iPhone/iPad to have a magical day. You will have the chance to grow crops, sure, but these are not your average crops. There is magic, magical creatures, and amazing items. There is a lot for you to do. It all feels like a land of fairies and magic, too.

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Pocket Farm

Pocket Farm-1

Pocket Farm, the farm you can take with you anywhere, is easy to play. You can build your farm, harvest the crops, and collect everything. The tasks do take some skills, though, so be prepared. It is not all clicking and harvesting, like most games. If you are good, it will keep you entertained for hours.

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Tiny Farm

Tiny Farm

Do not be fooled by the name. Tiny Farm may say tiny, but it is actually a huge game. You have tiny, cute animals, of course, that keep the game adorable and interesting, but the real excitement comes from the features and options. There is a lot to do here, and you can experience it all for yourself.

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Smurfs’ Village


The Smurfs are depending on you in Smurfs’ Village. They need your help to make sure that all of their precious plants grow properly. You will have to care for the plants and complete all of the required tasks so that the Smurfs have a beautiful, growing, and usable village for everyone.

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Rule The Sky


Take over the skies in a brand new way with Rule The Sky. You are going to take over by building a farm on a floating island. You are going to bring in the crops, the buildings, and the items you need to make it perfect. Get the right design going so that your farm can do it all.

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