Games Like Hayride

Here is a list of games that are similar to Hayride.

Happy Acres

Happy Acres8

Happy Acres is everything you love about farming games. It is a simple layout with farming, building, a simple yet engaging story, plenty of characters, and regular tasks. You will have the chance to build your farm and to really get into this game at the same time. It is the perfect experience.

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Top Farm

Top Farm12

Your goal in Top Farm is simple: You want your farm to reach the top. You want to see your farm grow, improve, and continue to reach new heights. With hard work, and a lot of dedication to the game, you can do this. You can see your farm come to life in front of your own eyes.

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Farmville 2


Any fan of the original Farmville, or of farming games in general, will want to play Farmville 2. It is similar to the original, but with some updates to improve the experience. You have it all and more here. It is engaging, interesting, challenging, and large, and it keeps you entertained while you play.

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Big Farm


Big Farm offers a basic farming game setup. It is everything you love about farming games in a single title. The best part about it is that it also has a story with memorable, interesting characters. It will drag you into the game and have you loving every moment that you spend in this world.

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Family Barn

Family Barn8

There is nothing more fun than Family Barn. You have your regular farming, but with a bit of realism thrown into it. You can start by getting all of your crops going, working on the farm, and then you can start to expand. All of this is made better by the slight realism of it all.

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My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies

You can grow a farm unlike any other with My Little Farmies. You will start your farm like you do any other, small and basic, and then continue to put yourself into it. Work on the farm, the buildings, and bringing everything up. Your goal is here is to make it the best that you possibly can.

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You go to Farmerama for the farming. You go to experience farming at its best, to see everything that is possible. What really makes it entertaining, though, is the amount of content available. Go everywhere, from the market to the social corner, and enjoy yourself in ways you never could before.

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Magic and imagination are alive in Dreamfields. You will grow and manage your own farm, you will care for everything, and you will even see mythical creatures come to life. All of this while you continue to maintain the land and grow this small farm into something that is immense.

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Let’s Farm

Lets Farm12

Get ready to farm with Let’s Farm. You have the chance to farm and to see your farm grow to become something wonderful. Its size, the crops, and everything you can do will surprise you. It is the type of farm you have always wanted, and everything you want in a farming game, in this title.

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Klondike is more than just farming. You have your farm, your crops, and your land, as usual, along with plenty of structures. Here, you have the chance to build an entire town. It is easy to do and the possibilities are nearly endless. Make the type of town you want and the farm you want.

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My Free Farm


Build and farm in My Free Farm. You have plenty to do here outside of the farming, too. Travel around the area and see everything that is available to you here. With the 3D graphics that make the game a blast from the start, you will have no trouble getting around and liking what you see.

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Hobby Farm


Live life in Hobby Farm. You are living on an exotic island where you can start and manage your own farm. Grow all types of crops, manage those crops, harvest, and start all over. It is everything you want, and all in a beautiful location that will make the game way more interesting than normal.

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Free Farm Game

Free Farm Game9

Exceptional art and plenty of tasks to do make Free Farm Game one of the most interesting farming games out there. It is pleasant to the eyes and pleasant to play. Start with very little and, slowly, start building up and improving your farm. Add everything to it to make it complete.

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Farm for Your Life


You really are farming for your life when you play Farm for Your Life. This takes place during the zombie apocalypse, which means that there is danger everywhere. Plant and harvest your crops while also fighting back the zombie that want to harvest your brains for food. Tough job, but one you have to do to live.

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