Games Like Pot Farm

Here is a list of games that are similar to Pot Farm.

Let’s Farm

Lets Farm12

If you want to have the experience of farming, including the challenges, and the difficulties, then you want to try this one out. You will be able to play with friends which makes it even more fun. It can be complex as well so you won’t feel like it is an easy child’s game either.

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Family Farm

familyfarm 9

In this fun farming game you will begin by planting crops of clovers, which you can then feed to your cows so they begin producing milk. You will be able to produce things like cheese as well. You will be able to sell the cheese to earn money which you can then use to purchase other things.

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You start this one out with a piece of land that is equipped with several things such as a mill, a water tower, a farm house and you even have a pile of manure to get you started. You will stay busy with all the work and activities for you to do, so if you’re looking for a good pass time, try this one.

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Farmville 2


Many things from the original have been designed into this, such as growing crops and harvesting them, raising animals, and so on. What you will notice is the improved 3D environment and added activities. You will need to fix and repair things, and you even have quests that you can do.

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Family Barn

Family Barn8

You are going to really enjoy this one if you like farming, raising animals and growing things. You will have many types of animals to raise, such as cows and chickens, to buffalo and many more. You even add things like a dutch mill, a baker, and other things that will help you get things done faster.

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Big Farm


If you’re looking for something different, something new, then get ready for an environment that is filled with fun characters. You will need to learn the in and outs of the physical and business aspects of farming to be successful in this one. The storyline will keep you interested as well.

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My Little Farmies


Get ready to develop a virtual village and community of your very own as you lose track of time and use your agricultural skills to plant, tend and process crops. You will have product buildings that you can use to process the various things such as dairy. You will have four mills to use as well.

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My Free Farm


If you like social games like Fronterville or My Empire, you will want to check this out as you must keep an eye over a whole virtual operation. You will build various buildings and help get fields set up for growing plants. You will have to collect resources so that you can further expand.

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Farm for Your Life


Oh no, a huge storm has brought down everything and you must help restore and rebuild. The only thing is, you have to also fight off the dead as something within the store has made them awake, and now there is a zombie outbreak. Do you have what it takes to keep people alive?

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Dreamfields is not only fun and addictive, but it is also beautiful to play in. You will have to care for a world where you will be building everything from the ground up. You will be using your imagination, creating things in your vision. Will you build the next great land, and a huge farm, or something small?

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Choose your role from a druid, shaman, mage or witch to get started in this world of fantasy. You will be raising dragons, that’s right dragons! You will have a magic garden where you grow herbs that you then use for things. You will even have spells that you can learn as you improve your garden.

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Ranch Rush 2


Prepare your bags, you are about to head to a tropical island. But it’s not all fun and games, you will be working as well. You will build up a nursery as you notice there are no local farmers to help provide plants to the people who live here, they are hungry and that’s great for business.

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Farming Simulator 2013


This is a great simulator that will have you wishing there was more time in the day You will have a career mode that lets you make a successful farm, if you are able to. You will have to track all crops that you grow, livestock that you raise, and even keep up with fertilizing and harvesting.

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Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands


This is a sequel to the original, and it brings you many new things. You will probably notice the most popular feature is the storyline, that is because it’s just so awesome. You will be playing as Iris, a girl who lives in a kingdom of wizardry and she learns magic, cooking, and gardening.

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Kapi Farm

Kapi 12

If you want something where you have the ability to advance in levels, while still having fun and growing things, you will want to check this title out. You will be selling your goods from harvesting, and much more. If you allow your crops to reach maturity before harvesting, you will earn even more!

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