Games Like The Pioneer Trail

Here is a list of games that are similar to The Pioneer Trail.

Big Farm

Big Farm

Are you truly wanting to be a farmer? Big Farm will allow you to do everything that a farmer does, such as work long hours, grow plenty of crops, harvest and sell them, raise animals, and even expand your farm when it is doing well and have as much fun as possible.

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My Little Farmies


Are you ready to have your own farming village? My Little Farmies will show you just what you can do. Build and create various buildings around your farm and keep expanding with every crop that you plant. You can even sell whatever you grow to help keep your farm going.

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Farmville 2


This Facebook game will show you how you can farm and never leave your house. The cute animals are able to be cared for as well as bred to create new animals. You can expand your land and even grow unique crops for daily tasks like candy canes and so much more.

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Family Farm


You have finally taken over the family farm and you have to make it great. You will have to clear the land, and plant as many crops as possible to earn money to make the farm what it used to be. You will have a chance to raise animals and sell goods as well.

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Farming Simulator 2013


This 3D world will allow you to see what it would be like to be a real farmer out in the field. You will be able to do more than just harvest crops. You are going to plow the land, plant the crops, watch them grow, and harvest them to send them to processing to sell to people.

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Hobby Farm


Help Jill turn this abandoned island paradise farm into something great. Work hard to plant different crops while you care for the wild animals on the island. Build items to use and even create buildings. Sell what you harvest to people from other islands to get money to use to help make your farm better.

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My Free Farm


Get your straw hat and overalls and become a farmer in My Free Farm. You will have to work hard to care for all of your animals, and even plant special crops that you can use to turn into foods that you can sell to expand your farm or build new buildings.

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Are you ready to build the most successful farm with the help of some friendly bears? Dreamfields will give you a chance to really shine as you work hard to plant and grow different types of plants and fruits to make a special jam. Collect all the items from the recipe and feed the bears.

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Let’s Farm

Lets Farm12

Take a chance and show the world just what type of farmer you are. You will be able to play through different levels and even own your own livestock, as well as plant different crops and harvest them to make money that you can use to expand your farm to bigger proportions.

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Ranch Rush 2


Take a vacation and open up a farmers market on a tropical island. You will have to plant, harvest, and create different items all in the given time. Work hard to earn your coins to make your farmers market bigger and better with rare and unique items to sell.

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Take a chance to become a world class farmer in a brand new type of farming game. You will have to plant different crops as well a raise different animals that will create products that you can sell to keep your farm growing. You will have choices on what type of crops that you can plant.

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Family Barn

Family Barn3

Here is your chance to own goats, ducks, chickens, cows, turkeys and many more. Family barn is the ultimate farming game that will let you grow crops that you can feed to your animals or turn into different products that you can sell to earn money to expand your farm with.

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It is time to create your very own farm in a unique setting where you will have a chance to raise a dragon of your own. This magical world will allow you to play as a druid, mage, witch or shaman in this magical place. You will have to build everything and even learn unique spells that will help you as you complete daily tasks.

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Farm for Your Life


Do you have what it takes to be the next Rick Grimes? Zombies have attacked and it is up to you to keep on going to create a new world. Kill off zombies while you manage a restaurant, plant a huge garden for sustainable life, and even work hard to make a new world.

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Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands


Help Iris win the Magical Tournament and become a true wizard graduate. You will be able to go from a senior at the University of Wizardry to a world class alchemist and gardener. Plant exotic plants that have never been seen before with the help of magic.

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