Games Like Top Farm

Here is a list of games that are similar to Top Farm.

Green Farm 3

Green Farm5

Plant crops, build structures, and decorate in Green Farm 3. If you played the original, or like most of today’s farming games, you should enjoy this title. It comes with all of the updates and features that you want in a farming game, making it a memorable experience for any fan.

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Family Barn

Family Barn4

There is so much to do in Family Barn. You start out with a small farm, but you will slowly build it up into something great. One of the best parts of this game is that it is somewhat realistic. It is everything you love about realistic farming games mixed with the simplicity of casual farming games.

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Farmville 2


Like most people, you probably know of the game Farmville. Farmville 2 is similar, obviously, but it comes with updates. If you ever thought that the original could do with some improvements, or if you want a new experience with a new face, this is going to be your game to play.

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My Little Farmies


There is more to My Little Farmies than you might think. If you have ever played a farming game before and thought it was a bit weak, then this should be a breath of fresh air. It is bigger, better, and more entertaining than most other farming games that are out there.

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Free Farm Game

Free Farm Game11

Farm and build in Free Farm Game. There is a lot of land here waiting for you, so jump right in and start doing some work. It is entertaining and engaging, giving you more to do than most other games offer. It is the full farming experience that you have always wanted in a game.

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Farm for items you have never seen before, watch mythical creatures, and build up this wonderful land in Dreamfields. It really is just like a dream. You have the chance to bring so much to life, and you can do it all with imagination and creativity all around you. It is an experience everyone should have.

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My Free Farm


You have a lot to do when you jump into My Free Farm. You will start like you do any other farming game, by planting crops. Get your crops out there and watch them grow. As you make progress, you can start to build structures to help you in the game. Get everything working and going.

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Let’s Farm

Lets Farm6

What starts as a small piece of land will turn into something incredible when you play Let’s Farm. Play with the crops and buildings, get the look just right, make everything functional, and enjoy yourself. There is so much for you to do and so many possibilities with your farm here.

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Big Farm


Big Farm is a rather simple farming game. If you love the various other farming games out there, you will enjoy this title, too. It is a simple yet fun setup that any fan of the genre will love. To make it even better, you also have a full story with a lot of interesting characters.

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Hobby Farm


When your dream is to run a farm on an exotic island, you may feel it is never going to come true. That is your life on Hobby Farm, though. You get to live out your life’s dream, planting all types of crops on this land. Watch them grow and put the time into making the farm beautiful.

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Farmerama is a large world ready for adventure. You can start by making your own farm and getting it going. Once you feel comfortable enough with it, start to go to the market. You can even go to the social area of the game to meet others like you and maybe even make some friends in the game.

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There are two parts to Klondike. The first is the farming. Farm your crops and watch the farm come to life right in front of you. The second part of the game is the city building. You will add structures and build an entire town, and that town will live off the farm that you are building alongside it.

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Farm for Your Life


Your life is on the line in Farm for Your Life. You will have to farm while also fighting back zombies. This is taking place during the zombie apocalypse so your future depends on your action. Hit them hard and continue to care for your crops as you live a dangerous life in this game.

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Farm Town


Farm Town gives you an entire town dedicated to farming. You are going to farm, of course, and you are going to meet other farmers. Make friends, learn some new tricks, and have fun with other players while still managing and maintaining the farm that you are growing on your own.

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Ranch Rush 2

Ranch Rush screenshot 2

Ranch Rush 2 is both farming and time management. You are going to plant your crops and build up your farm, and then you are going to give what you plant to your customers. Fill orders quickly so that all of your customers leave happy, ready to pay and come back to you in the future.

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