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Gardening is a wonderful way to cultivate self-love. Like meditation, gardening is a time to be still and listen, not just to the sound of the outdoors, but to your… Read More »

Many farming and time management games are challenging and high stress. They get you moving and thinking quickly, which can sometimes lead to headaches and frustration. Alice Greenfingers 2 is… Read More »

Crop Busters is fresh new game for those of you who love farm games! The game traces the story of a young girl Scarlett who is excited about her homecoming… Read More »

If you are a fan of farming games such as Plants vs. Zombies, and other similar releases, then you will love Mother Nature. In Mother Nature, you play as Autumn,… Read More »

At first, you may see TV Farm 2 as your typical Farmville style game, where you spend the majority of your time harvesting and planting new crops. However, within a… Read More »

Tiny Farm is much like Farmville, but much better, bigger, stronger, and more adventurous than any other farm game. Build for the mobile; you can do anything on the farm… Read More »

The hottest game on Facebook today is The Big Farm Theory. You don’t want to miss out on working with the millions of uses who love, love, love this game…. Read More »

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms. Winter wonderland never looked so good as you go about your farm producing wine, cheese, pizzas and pies…. Read More »

Magic Farm was quite hit among the target market of developer Meridian’93, when it was launched. Owing to the success of Magic Farm, it made perfect sense for Meridian’93 to… Read More »

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: City Builder. Magic Land is a new game by the extremely talented and successful developer Woonga. We are all aware… Read More »