Alice Greenfingers 2

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

There is no time pressure, you work on the farm whenever you want to. Colorful graphics.

The game is not for people who are looking for a challenge

Many farming and time management games are challenging and high stress. They get you moving and thinking quickly, which can sometimes lead to headaches and frustration. Alice Greenfingers 2 is a step away from that. Rather than having you play with certain time constraints on each level, this time management game is untimed. You are given a task to complete and you can do it whenever you feel like doing it. This means that you can play forever on each level without failing the game. If you enjoy farming and completing tasks, this is something that you should be picking up.


You start Alice Greenfingers 2 rather simply. You are going to be completing tasks and raising a garden, as with any farming game. You are also going to be doing various other things within each level, helping you to earn more points until you reach your end goal. The difference here is that it is untimed. While other time management games require you to do something before closing, this is different. You have as long as you need to finish tasks and progress through the game. This means that you can make more money in each level to receive a higher score in the end, all without risking failure.

As you progress through the levels, you are going to be able to upgrade. These upgrades allow you to make more money in the game and to do more with your garden. Since the game is untimed, you can use these upgrades to collect a lot more money. With this money, you can get more upgrades. It is really not difficult, and it gives you the chance to create an amazing farm by the end of the game. Since you can have your own layout in this game, you will be able to use everything in a way that you want to.


The biggest advantage to playing Alice Greenfingers 2 would be the relaxation. It is a calming experience that helps you to enjoy the game while still challenging yourself. You have goals to meet and things to do, just without the stress of a timer telling you when to do everything. This helps to extend the amount of time that you can play, allowing you to enjoy this for a lot longer. Since this offers such calming gameplay, you may even find yourself forgetting about tasks and just having fun. You are going to be going through the different parts of this and actually enjoying yourself rather than just facing challenges.


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Alice Greenfingers 2 is a wonderful game for any fan of farming and time management game. You will be harvesting your plants and taking care of everything with ease, all while making the most amount of money possible. You have no time limit and you have no worries. You are just going to be playing to have fun, and little else. While you have your tasks to complete, you can get around to them whenever you want to rather being forced into it at each level.

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