Astro Garden

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

There are bizarre plants and animals that can be researched in labs.

Social mechanics are fairly standard.

It would seem that Facebook games are bordering more and more on the bizarre, and Astro Garden is a fantastic (and fun) example of just that. A mad-scientist spin on a favorite, Astro Garden is based on a technologically-savvy farm, where you need to work to rebuild, regrow, and raise animals after your home is wiped out due to a crazy thunderstorm.

Users start the game with a technologically advanced farm, in which crops are slightly familiar, yet not exactly what you would grow in real life. After a thunderstorm washes everything away, you have to rebuild. You expand land by chopping down trees and tilling it up for new crops, and utilize resources from your own land to build structures. You also work to build labs where you can research new crops and animals, create new materials with which to build, and generate some pretty crazy looking creatures (think mutations of tigers and cows, or a “disco” turkey).

Interwoven in to all of this craziness is, of course, the social aspect included in all Facebook games. You get to send things to friends playing Astro Garden, keep score with leaderboards, or even head over to your friends’ farms to get some cash. Between expanding your land, scaring off unusual animals in the woods as you cut down trees or travel, hanging with friends, and decorating your home base, Astro Garden really does cover all of its bases nicely.

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Although at its base Astro Garden is incredibly similar to every other farming Facebook game out there, the unique spin on the story, the incredibly saturated and unusual graphics, and the multi-faceted gameplay means that you’re unlikely to get bored with this app. Check it out today!

Astro Garden  is free to play.

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  • Kiran Luthra

    Astro Garden is ultimate game which I play and enjoy. For help, gameskip tips are good to level up fast.

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