Big Farm

9.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10

It has an interesting plot and a storyline and memorable characters.

No audio background.

Gamers are always on the lookout for the newest and best when it comes to real-life strategy games, and Big Farm, a browser-based variety, is definitely where it’s at. Rich in funny characters and requiring that you learn all about the business and physical aspects of running a farm, this game lends itself to hours upon hours of fun, all with an interesting plot and a storyline that grows and builds with you.

When the game starts off, you’re left with a farm after your Uncle George passes away. While a generous gift, of course, the farm isn’t exactly doing well, and your friends and family expect you to turn everything around. You need to plant the right crops, take care of the animals, and manage workers, all while turning a profit during harvest and processing time. With the help of friends and family, and the advice of nearby, more experienced neighbors, this strategy game is just complex enough to keep you interested while still maintaining a fun, entertaining quality that many similar strategy games lack.

There are endless tasks here, and you can compete with gamers form all over the world. The economic premise behind the game is incredibly realistic, and ultimately the farm, how it functions, and whether or not it succeeds, is entirely up to you. And what’s more, there isn’t one way to succeed here – which means you can truly build something that fits your vision.

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The characters in Big Farm are what truly make it shine, and the range of interesting, well-thought-out, memorable individuals you interact with will leave a smile on your face; although the game centers on a semi-realistic endeavor, the graphics are comic-book style, which adds to the its charm. You really can’t go wrong here!

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