Eco Farm

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Mix of farming and city building. | Great graphics.

Gets boring after a while.

Build a beautiful city that works perfectly when you play Eco Farm. While farm is in the name, the focus is all on city building. You have everything that you expect in a Facebook city building game. Plenty of buildings, personalization, a lot of activities, missions, great graphics, and more. It all helps you to have a great experience.

If you love city builders, Facebook games, and anything that offers an interesting challenge, you will adore this title. It is everything you want in the genre along with so, so much more than you expect. It will keep you busy for a long time.

Eco Farm4

When you think of Eco Farm at first, you might think of an eco-friendly farm. A farm that uses the best sources for everything and grows amazing plants. Here, though, it is more of a city builder. It is like many other farming games on Facebook, such as Farmville, but it offers a lot more and it puts its own spin on things.

To get you started, you will have a tutorial. It will give you some insight into everything so that you know what to do. It is thorough and detailed, and it will give you a quick boost upon starting up your little city.

Eco Farm3

You start with only a small piece of land. This land is ready for you to start building and growing, you just have to make the first move. After the tutorial finishes up, you can begin improving this land, adding everything that you want in it. Buildings, roads, and anything else around can go into your city. Place buildings that keep the people happy, buildings that give you important resources, and anything that you think looks interesting. With so many structures and options available, you can create a city that works wonderfully well and looks the way you want it to look.

Missions will keep everything feeling fresh and exciting as you play. You can complete the missions handed to you, improve your city, improve your game, and have fun. These missions will give you goals that you need to work towards to succeed.

Eco Farm2

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If you find yourself bored of the same old experience, building and maintaining and building, make sure that you watch out for the missions. They may give you a new focus that could keep Eco Farm exciting. You will always have something keeping you moving forward.

Remember to manage everything, too. A city builder is not all about building. As you make in game currency, you can start to bring in more, but that does mean more responsibilities. That is a huge part of these games. You will have to keep everything in running shape, you will have to improve, and you will have to put in the effort. This is how you keep the money coming into your city. Another way to get money is to buy it. Like most Facebook games, there is a buyable currency option available to help you get more of what you want.

Eco Farm is free to play.

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