Family Farm

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

You can control the characters with RPG-like attributes, skills and needs

It has difficulty when navigating through the fields.

Come to the Family Farm game where you will create a 19th century farmstead and home for your family. This game is more of a simulation than a farming experience; so, you won’t be clicking any cows in this game to earn money. In Family Farm your main goal is to keep your people fed, learning and expanding their land.

 Playing the Game

You will find that Family Farm is a nice mix between a PC tycoon-style and life simulation game. The game focuses on a couple named Alfred, Agnes and their young son Arthur. As you play the game you are responsible for running the farm and taking care of the family. The game is designed to include several levels. The levels are:

  • The Lowlands area provides you with a basic starting point in four stories that you can work through.
  • The Highlands is a tougher landscape. Here families have to work extra hard to pay the bills and live their lives.
  • The Manor is the hardest of all levels, as you are responsible for managing an entire manor.

There are many types of livestock, crops and other conditions that you can learn the basics for. Eventually you will get the hang of the game, begin to level up and truly learn how to use the different characters in the game. As you progress, you will unlock new stories, but if you don’t make it to a certain rank for required parts of the game, you’ll find yourself replaying stories.

In the early part of the game, when your characters are a young couple, they start off in a small farm house. It is very small, as it only has a chicken coop and a kitchen to help you get going. You will find that the kitchen is separated into two portions, one place for preparing the food. You can hire cooks to do this for you, but how many you can hire will depend on how big your kitchen is. Your game is focused on your net result, total income, farm value and expenses. Yet, you are also scored on your happiness, growth and harvests, also.

After your characters emerge from the farm house, you must click on each to get them going on their objectives like gathering apples, feeding chickens or even cutting down trees. Each of your characters will then work this job until you instruct them to do something else. While you are completing tasks you will see your characters begin to show signs of hunger, at which point they will need to eat. To do so, just click on the person and send them to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen your character can pick from tasty dishes like sandwiches or gourmet selections. After your food is ready, the plate will appear, you simply send the person to eat their food so he or she will stop complaining of hunger.

You will also see the game progress through the four seasons. In spring your characters can take part in activities like picking berries, gathering eggs or pruning their orchard. You also have livestock you need to care for, so here you will need to feed and sheer it. The majority of the first season is focused on keeping your characters happy, upgrading your farm kitchen and planting new types of vegetables. After you get a bigger kitchen, you can hire more staff to help cook meals for the family. Through time, you will have new employees come help on the farm, however make sure you pay them to keep them happy.

Another fun part of this game is decorating your home and farm with items like ornaments and flowerbeds. This gives you the opportunity to design your farm to look just the way you want it to. Over time you will watch your family grow. In fact, you will see Arthur, your couple’s son, offer to muck in and help out where he can.

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In the game you will encounter 10 different life stories. However, it is not always going to be easy to reach requirements of all stories the first time you try. It is your choice if you want to play through all the seasons or quickly move on. The game gives you a projected outcome to meet, and the seasons constantly change. This means you must keep an eye on what your people want, and what kind of condition your soil is in.

In the end, this is an innovative game that gives you a good look at what it means to farm. Here not only do you plow the land, plant seeds, etc., but you also have to take care of the couple who owns the farm, and their young son. You will be happy you decided to give Family Farm a try, as it is a breath of fresh air among the other available farm games out there.

Family Farm is free to play.

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