Farm Defenders

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Addictive gameplay.

It can get boring after a while.

Focused on individuals interested in economic development and strategists alike, Farm Defenders gives you an experience you will not find elsewhere. It is not just farming; it is also managing a major economy and the vast amount of information out there. You will have to balance it all to find success. Success here means that the economy is doing well and it means that the people across Africa receive the help they need. With so many settings, so many possibilities, and so many things going against you, it is a challenge. The challenge is what keeps people coming back, though, and what keeps this exciting.

Farm Defenders1

Farm Defenders is set in Africa. Not a single place in Africa, however, or a time in the past. It is current day Africa, and all over the continent. You are going to various places, putting you in all types of settings and environments. With the different environments, you will have different challenges and difficulties. You will have to grow a farm in everything from a desert to the tropics. On top of growing the farm, you will have to manage disease and pests. Using actual techniques used by locals, you can manage this all. It is not easy, but that is part of the fun here.

The different environments are more than a visual change. Part of the reason you have so many is the fact that they change the game. What you can expect as a farmer in one location different from what you can expect as a farmer in another.

Farm Defenders4

You will have to manage your skills with the needs of the location. Since the weather affects the game, as well, you will have to be ready for anything. Unlike most farming games, where you only have to click a few buttons and do simple tasks, you have a game that is true to real life as much as possible.

It is about more than dealing with the different environments. Farm Defenders is a highly detailed title that forces you to face difficulties real life farmers deal with every day in Africa. You have to handle the pests and the disease, you have to watch out for the location population, and you have to try to get the economy moving up. You cannot simply farm and earn money here. There is work to do and you have to do it. Put your all into a good strategy so that you can win.

Farm Defenders6

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Join forces with other players, too. By teaming up, you can lower costs and make it easier to succeed. You will have lowered costs, increased income, and an overall better economy. It is like joining up with other professionals in the real world. Since your aim here is to improve the economy, to get everything moving up in such poor areas, you will want any help you can get. This will make sure that your farms in Farm Defenders, and the local populations, are doing their best and are growing for a long time.

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