Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

Dozens of challenging levels.

Gameplay is identical to previous games.

 If you’re in a legitimate frenzy about Farm Frenzy, the newest version, set in Ancient Rome, is sure to please! Taking all of the aspects that users love about Farm Frenzy and setting it up in a fantastic world centered on one of the most beloved, and interesting, civilizations of time, this version of Farm Frenzy is sure to please!

The game is loosely tied to the most recent version of this game, Gone Fishing. A dolphin from this version finds a girl named Scarlett in a book, which just happened to live in ancient Rome and work as a farmer.


As with every other Farm Frenzy game, you get water from a well, plant grass, feed your animals the grass, and then watch as your animals create various products, from which you can make even more things. For example, with the eggs laid by the geese, you can make egg powder, and then cookies, then cakes, and so on.

With various new animals available as you progress, as well as a variety of equipment, Farm Frenzy features 90 different levels spanning several chapters, each featuring short comic-book-style scenes in between to keep the storyline moving right along.

There are several goals of the game, including collecting eggs, baking a certain amount of products and, of course, fighting back against the armor-wearing bears that are intent on killing you off!

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This game really speaks to current fans of the series, offering hours upon hours of additional game play for those who’ve mastered the existing editions, or those who simply want a change of scenery.

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