Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

It's absolutely cool that you get to dress up your animals with all kinds of helmets and gear

I find that it takes a really long time for the game to load each level

Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes is about a farmer that is a Viking that will help you to learn what time management is all about.

There are 172 levels that are really amazing and become harder as you level up. You will have squirrels and unicorns on your farm as well as other animals to raise.


You will farm produce that you will till, plant, and harvest to sell at the local market so you can buy upgrades for your farm and buildings. You will be able to acquire resources that are special so you can create Viking inventions.

While playing you will earn 22 achievements that are distinctive and there are two modes for your enjoyment

Get ready, you are a farmer now, time to put the axe away and pick up the plow. You are now a non-violent Viking that wants to earn your keep by working your very own farm.

However, one day something falls out of the sky that looks like an artifact. It needs to be returned from whence it came but no one can do this but you. You will need a catapult! But being a farmer you do not have the funds for such an item. You will need to earn money.

This is where you will raise beautiful unicorns and squirrels and farm your land for produce that you can sell to the local market in order to purchase the items needed to build the catapult.

As you level up you will earn achievements (up to 22), you will need to work the farm and neighbors farms to earn money to upgrade your equipment.


Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes will allow you to process each item that your farm animals drop along the way; protect your animals with battle gear to keep them safe from any harm that may befall them from ogres or dropping bears. Be sure to collect the helmets that the bad guys drop because you can use these helmets to protect your animals. You will need the building for that.  Remember the sooner your animals are outfitted with battle gear the better it will be because they cannot be harmed when protected. (Not even killed.) Once your farm animals are protected with battle gear they will be so happy they will produce double products. This is great for your sales.


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This game has action, adventure, and fantasy all in one. You will be able to enjoy the nice peaceful life of farming while having to fight of dropping bears and ogres.  You will be able to advance to the next level after you complete each level. While playing the level you will earn money to purchase parts and accessories needed to advance to the next level as well as expand your farm.

Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes is an all new action adventure farming game for the person who loves farming but has an imagination to create a whole new world for the Viking in you.

Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes is free to play.

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