Farm Heroes Saga

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Cute presentation. | New strategy elements.

The gameplay hasn't evolved much since Candy Crush.

Match 3 games have risen in popularity due to Facebook games. One of the biggest for a while now has been Candy Crush. King made a huge title that got attention from all types of players, and they are hoping to continue that appeal with Farm Heroes Saga. This one is similar to Candy Crush. It, too, is a match 3 game. Unlike Candy Crush, however, it has its own story and twists. It gives you an interesting take on a genre nearly everyone has played. Since it is still the same at its core, a game where you match like tiles to take them out, you can expect similar experiences.

Farm Heroes Saga4

As stated, this is the same as other match 3 games when looking at its core. You have to find three similar tiles and match them up. Since the tiles are all fruits, vegetables, and barnyard animals here, you will have to match these up. Match up three carrots, as an example, and then watch them disappear. Match up more for bonuses or to get rid of all tiles of that type. If you match 4 tiles, you will increase the points for surrounding tiles. If you match 5 or more, you will get rid of all tiles of the type you just removed.

Instead of going on in with Farm Heroes Saga, trying to take out everything, you have to take out specific types. On the top left corner, you will see a counter with different tiles. The tile images will have numbers by them, such as 0 / 10.


In the case here, you would have to take out 10 of those types of tiles. Meet the required amount to get to the next level and to get your points. It is easy to do so there is no reason to fret or to stress, thankfully.

There are some other differences in Farm Heroes Saga, too. You have the boss battles, for one. These are similar to regular stages, but your focus is taking down the big bad wolf’s life bar. You have magic beans to help you, you can choose the difficulty, and you can easily take him out. It may take some time, but it is an entertaining step away from the regular levels. Once you beat the boss, you can make progress. With progress comes difficult levels and challenges to keep you working hard. Deal with the obstacles and new work to win.

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What makes Farm Heroes Saga especially interesting is the style. The art, animation, and music are all beautiful. These will keep the game interesting for all players. Young or old, you will adore how cute and how simple it all is. It really gets you into the game, enjoying yourself every step of the way. These only add to what is mentioned above, though. While they are great, it is the matching, boosts, and other advantages and features that make this the game to play. You will not want to put it down for hours.

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