9.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 10/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Large variety of farm animals and crops.

Limited player interaction.

Farmerama is a  free to play and browser based game. In this game the objective is to live your life as a farmer and tend to your land carefully.

The game is made-up of the following elements and places:

Your Very own Field

On your land you will find a water tower, mill, farmhouse, manure pile and barn that you can use freely. Begin farming as you take in some fresh country air. In this game you will have no time to rest as there is much work to be done. You will have a blast taking care of animals or planting trees and crops.

Your Farmhouse

Clients can stop by your farmhouse occasionally to order some of your goods. The more orders you take on, the more points for delivery you will collect. Delivery points help you create a steady flow of customers who want to purchase some of your meat, fruit or veggies.


The Barn

Each item produced on the farm is stored in your barn. The moment you mix or harvest animal feed, you will see the products appear in the barn. In addition, this is the place you can see how many animals you own. In Farmerama each farmer has one barn. Though you cannot expand the barn, you don’t have to worry because it won’t fill up.

The Mill

The animals get hungry too. Once you put a roof over your animals’ heads, you can feed them by mixing food at the mill. Just keep in mind that animals can be picky eaters! For this reason, each animal requires its own unique feed mix that can be made from one or more plants.

Water Tower

The water tower on your property is there to provide your animals and plants with water. This tower can only hold so much water. After you have use the water supply, you simply purchase more using Country coins. The tower cannot be relocated. However, you can buy more water tanks for your farm.


The Manure Pile on your Farm

The manure pile may be one smelly place, but it is much needed for your fields to prosper and grow better. Just keep an eye on this pile, and don’t let it run out! Yet, this shouldn’t become a problem as you will clean your animal pens and stalls regularly.

The City

You will find all of your farming needs inside the city. The city is where you will find trees, seeds and housing for animals. In addition, you can sell or trade your produce at the farmer’s market. There is a post office where you can send mail or collect letters that were sent to you. Also, there is a bank that everyone can use and other features for premium members only.

The Community Flower

The community flower patch was created by farmers to help bring the community closer. To join this program, all you must do is:

  • Send a friend a message asking them to join the flower patch
  • Plant a flower with seeds from your own flower crops
  • Rely on your invited play to spread the love around. After the play accepts the invite, he or she will also plant a flower and ask people to join.


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If you get your hands on the premium pack, you will be given some extra leverage. In addition, you’ll gain access to the ever-popular lookout tower.

Lookout Tower

This tower is in the city next to the headquarters to The Country Herald. All premium players can use the tower as an automatic place to protect their crops and farm. This tower takes care of these items:

  • Automatically replants crops destroyed by trespassers
  • Automatically weeds your fields for free
  • It automatically sends trespassers to make anyone who destroys your crops pay.

Farmerama is free to play.

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