Farming Simulator 2013

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

This version has animal husbandry and a huge map with various fields that you can purchase.

There seems to be very little direction pointing towards success or what is needed to progress further.

Farm simulators such as Farmville have become much more popular over the past few years. Many people have taken a shine to farm applications over Facebook and farm-based games on their cellular devices. Farming Simulator 2013, sets to take the best games in this genre and to turn the volume up.

Throughout the course of the career mode in this game the idea is to create a successful farm and to basically work as a farmer on. You will be responsible for keeping track of all of your crops, livestock as well as also harvesting and fertilizing all of your crop as well. The game comes with tutorials that can help you to understand parts of the game and also to have much more success in farming and building an effective farm.

Basically when you start the career mode you are dropped into a large farm with just a few tools and you will have to run around in a first-person view to begin planting crops or using farm equipment to plant crops. This is how you start the base of your farm and in order to be really successful is important to look into the tutorials first of all so that you can see the processor fertilizing your crops as well as the best tools that you can use to effectively plan your crops much faster.

The farm that you are presented with in the game is pretty large as is the area that you can move around. You might be responsible for taking your tractor to another farm in order to help with the harvest or to deliver supplies. The tractor goes quite slow and it does require you to actually drive as you would down a country road. The idea of this game is really to create the most accurate farming simulator possible. Earning money does happen quite quickly however, as side missions pop up on your browser you can access small and quick missions that can easily make you $5-$10,000 at the time. Simply farming the side missions can allow you to earn some decent money which you can use and put back into your farm. You can also go online and shipped in as a farm hand on other people’s farm to earn more money for your own farm. Sometimes this is helpful as you can just login, chat with the other farmer as well as pitching on their farm and then leave with the cash that you have earned. It helps to open up your farm to other farmhands as well so that you can get some inexpensive labor that will help to get your field planted and your farm on the right track.

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Although it does take some time to get used to, after some time you can create quite a successful farm. As you earn money you can open up new equipment and also look into some new plots of land. If you enjoy Farmville and other farm games this could be a great game for you to look into to increase the realism and to experience farming in an even more realistic game.

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