Farming USA

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Good controls. | Huge selection of vehicles.

Graphics could be better

Realistic and exciting, Farming USA gives you a true farming experience. You can manage the crops and the livestock, walk or drive around, see it all as the farmer, and find success with your work. It is rewarding and entertaining every step of the way.

With the many types of farming equipment available, you can do all of the necessary jobs with ease. You can start to get the land and the animals growing healthily. Once grown, begin selling and making money. Upgrade, sell some more, and upgrade some more. Keep going until your farm is in the best possible place it can be.

Farming USA3

Realism is one of the selling points here. Most farming games have you clicking buttons and watching your crops magically plant and harvest. They go for cartoony and far from realistic, but not here. You have a simulator, which means that it is going for as real as possible.

You can even walk around as your farmer or drive around. The first person option while driving will keep up with the realism and make driving more entertaining. Use a game controller when driving if you would like to feel like a real farmer while driving and if you would like to make it a little more fun.

Farming USA5

You will run your farm using over 30 vehicles and equipment. From the tractors to the mowers to thebalers, you can use it all to improve your farm. Use the vehicles and equipment properly, invest in the best, and make use of it all when necessary to make your goods. This is how you make money, after all. Thanks to how easy it is to use the vehicles and equipment in Farming USA, you can do this without a second thought. All of this plays into the realistic part of the game, making it much more exciting.

On your farm, you can grow things like corn and soybeans. There is plenty of room for all of your plants; you just have to take care of them. Put in the time to plant, grow, and harvest them so that they can become a strong source for money. Along with plants, you have livestock, such as pigs and cows.

Farming USA4

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You are going to purchase and raise these animals so that they become healthy and strong. You will feed them and watch as they develop. Once they reach a specific age, you can sell them to make a profit.

As you grow, you will earn money, obviously. With this money, you can become bigger and better. Upgrade to the best, buy the best. Make sure that your farm is always going up and improving. With so many options, this is easy. Get the best vehicles and equipment, use them to get more money, and repeat. This will push you towards success, creating the best farm possible. It is incredible what is possible when you spend your hard earned cash wisely, especially when playing a game like Farming USA where there is so much to do.

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