Farming World

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 5/10

Many options to make final product.

Bad interface. | Tons of micromanaging. | Outdated graphics.

Farming World is exactly what you would imagine, a world where you can farm and creating something amazing. It is not just crops, though; you also have animals and buildings and roads available. So much to add will keep this entertaining from the moment that you begin and every second afterwards. You will not want to quit, nor will you have to quit. You can continue building up your farm, turning it into something absolutely amazing. Make it look great, make it functional, and make it something that you love. Maintain it and watch it grow as you continue to play and enjoy yourself.

Farming World3

Like any farming game, you start with next to nothing. It is just a small piece of land, not much to see and not much to do. What you do not see, though, are the possibilities. The many options and features will allow you to turn this small piece of land into something incredible. Your farm, your city, will grow and grow and grow. To make this happen, though, you have to start from the beginning, that little land. You have plant, you have to build, and you have to start bringing everything in before you can expand. Start by getting the money and getting everything set up.

Instead of putting everything in, though, you might want to specialize in a certain area. In Farming World, you can make any type of farm you want. Plant it all or go specific, like dairy farm. Play with ideas and choose something that you like.

Farming World8

As you continue to grow, you can keep the farm growing without changing direction. You can still make money, you can still see some amazing changes, and you can still create the farm of your dreams, but without the extras that you do not want on your farm. It helps you to personalize it a bit.

There is a lot of detail here. Buy or rent land, buy animals, set up roads for vehicles, work contracts, and do so much more. The amount of detail here is what you want out of a farming title. Farming World is everything you would expect a farming simulator to be, but with a catch. The work itself is rather easy. It is one of those click to do everything games, like Farmville. This gives you all of the details that you want in these types of games in a simplified package.

Farming World12

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With so much detail added in, you have the chance to create something phenomenal. Farming World is unlike similar farming titles because of how it works. The simple playing experience that does not sacrifice detailed content keeps it exciting for all types. Whether you love the farming genre and have played for a long time or are just now getting into it, you will love it here. You can get into the details and create strategies without having to deal with overly complex controls or gameplay. Jump in and have fun the moment that you want to.

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