7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Awesome gameplay and cute visuals

Can be quite challenging and the need to collect money for items and upgrades can be quite annoying sometimes

Running a farm is a complex yet fun process. You get to take care of the animals, crops, and other duties. Farm animals are friendly and pleasant to be around. Growing and picking crops is quite a thrill as well. In FarmQuest, you can enjoy all of the aspects of running a farm in one fun, colorful, cartoony puzzle game. This game is a bit different from other games in that it is a puzzle game and farm game in one.

You play the game by matching three items in a row in the puzzle for each level until you have gotten enough points and eliminated the pieces in the puzzle. At the same time, you will have the responsibility of taking care of a farm and the animals. You will be responsible for feeding the animals and getting farm upgrades. You can also make friends with the farm helpers to use their abilities to fight the vermin off the land.

farm quest 9

In FarmQuest, you play the puzzle to earn money to upgrade your farm. How well you do in the puzzles will determine how many different things you can get for your farm. There are 120 levels in this game and each level gets more complicated as you go on. You have the choice between the time management mode and the action mode. Each mode has its own challenges.

The four animal helpers serve as power ups to help you get past each level. With each day of play, you will get more chores and different fun things to do in the game. In addition to the puzzles, you will have to do all of the different chores on the farm, such as feeding animals, picking apples, collecting honey and chasing away the fox. There’s lots to do and you will always be busy and engaged with the gameplay.

farm quest 7

Every day you will have more opportunities to earn money for your farm. How you do in the levels goes hand in hand with the livelihood of your farm. Make sure to beat each level to the best of your ability so you can get all the necessary upgrades to your farm and so you can purchase new items for your farm. This game combines the challenge of a puzzle match 3 game and the fun of a farm simulation game in one.

As time goes by, your farm will continue to grow and get bigger and bigger, and you will get more animals and upgrades. You will need more money to purchase things. The levels get harder as they go along, so there are many challenging aspects of this game. You have to protect your animals from the fox, befriend the animal helpers for their abilities, and make sure that your crops are well watered and taken care off.

farm quest 10

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It’s no easy job, but FarmQuest will make it plenty of fun. It will be just like having your own farm for real. What kind of farm will you make?

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