9.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Co-op Farming feature.

Players must rely heavily on their friends for certain upgrades or tasks.

FarmVille is the most popular 24 farming simulation game available. This MMO has millions of users that login daily to change into humble farmers and compete against their friends for the title of being the ultimate farmer. This game is a lot of fun if you like to grow and care for crops, selling harvests, building a farm from scratch and caring for animals.


This game is by far the most popular of all farming games for Facebook. This browser-based game allows you to take on the role as a local farmer. You begin the game with a very small piece of land where you can grow and harvest your own crops.  Although this game is mainly focused on farming, it does allow you to customize your farm anyway you want. In other words, if you want a traditional crop or animals farm – that’s fine; however, if you wish to plant a bunch of exotic trees all over the land, that’s okay too. You can even get a puppy if you wish.


Game Rating

Farmville is a game for all ages that is easy to play. To have the most fun, you will want to invite your Facebook friends to join you. Just keep in mind that while there are many other people who use FarmVille, some features don’t always load properly. This can be due to a Zynga update or an overload of activity. When this occurs, it is best to be patient and remember that it’s loading.

Tips for beginning on FarmVille

When you are beginning be conscious of the fact that plowing land takes coins. So, you will want to watch what you plant at first. You will begin to notice that some crops grow fast and will die quickly if you don’t harvest them within a certain amount of time. So, if you plan to be away for some time, pick crops that take longer to mature. If you need help collecting experience points, an easy way to earn some quick points is to visit your friend’s farms and complete quests there.

Make good use of the game’s gift system. Periodically send your items to friends who don’t have much on their farms. One good thing about trees is that they continue to grow fruit, so you don’t have to buy more after you harvest it once.


Tips for planting crops

There are several beginner plots of land you can begin to grow on. Simply use the green hoe at the bottom of the screen to plow any land you will grow crops on. To grow crops you will first need to purchase seeds from the marketplace. You can add new plots of land until you deplete your coin collection.

Tips for Harvesting Crops

Make sure you harvest the crops as soon as they are ready. If you allow them to sit for too long, you will not get money from them. For instance, if you plant a crop that matures in one day, it will die after two if you haven’t picked it. The game’s system for plowing, growing and harvesting crops is simple to use.

Making Money

The in-game currency for Farmville is coins. Near the top of the screen you will see the amount of coins you currently have. You will gain coins from harvesting and selling crops. The game also has a lottery that you can play to make money. This occurs once per day, and you are automatically entered. If you don’t want to wait until you earn a certain amount of coins, you can always use real-world money to purchase more.


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Friends on Farmville

The game features a function that allows you to add neighbours. You are able to invite any friend you wish to join you in playing this game. If your friend accepts your invitation, you can visit them at any time. During some of these visits you may do chores that will earn you experience points and coins.

The Market in Farmville

The Farmville market is where you will find items such as upgrades for your farm or seeds for planting. The market allows you access to all products available for sale to people of your level. New items will unlock as you move through levels and progress toward the end. The market is also the best place to buy animals and many decorative items.

FarmVille is free to play.

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