Flower Ville

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Easy to play.

Can be boring after a while.

Welcome to , you are about to emerge into a simulation game where the core of it is all based on flower stores and how they operate, in a flower town with multi-player opportunities. It is about a new type of flower with a town theme. Since its release the growth in its popularity has been on the rise, and gamers are enjoying the sweet design of its amazing Disney style.

You will come across a variety of different people from all types of cultures throughout your adventure. You will have the opportunity to become the most popular flower shop in town.

Flower Ville7

So, if you are one of those people that truly love flowers and would like to have a large garden, learn to grow several different beautiful flowers, and be the best at what you do over everyone else in town, then you should join in the fun!

You’re going to return to a town you haven’t been to for many years after being invited by an old friend. It is going to let you experience planting and growing all types of flowers, be creative and make different floral crafts, learning to make other products from flowers that you can sell.

Flower Ville10

You will become an exquisite business owner in the flower world raising various flowers and plants, and all in your very own garden. In this wonderful flower gameplay you will be allowed to upgrade as you progress and earn many different extendable features.

This all happens in a town that is filled with wonderful flowers of color, giving you the satisfaction of growing flowers, making bouquets and crafts of your own to sell to the community. For those interested, you can find it on Facebook. It gives you a fun and exciting way to learn about all the different flowers and at the same time be able to test yourself, see how well you do at time management.

You will be shown where you’re allowed to do your planting, you will notice four squares. Just click on the squares and you can get the vacant land to plant on. There are many important items and upgrades to be gotten that can help you on your adventures.

Flower Ville12

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In order to increase how many flowers you are able to plant at a time, and to plant flowers that are considered rare you need to have Fertilizer (it is an upgrade item). When you get help from a customer you can get Energy. Being able to view the water level is a beneficial guide for when you’re watering the plants.

This offers you a variety of different challenges, which you are constantly indulged in. You will have little goals that come with the mini games that are offered to you. These let you get some hefty rewards after leveling-up. There is even more to this than you have heard so far, as it is socially interactive and encourages you to be a part of the community.

Flower Ville is free to play.

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