Fruits Inc

7.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

The graphics of the game is brilliant and so the gameplay is quite interesting

Can be very difficult to learn

Manifesto Game Studio, the developers of Fruits Inc has completely overhauled the setting in which the game takes place. We appreciate this new look as it makes everything look fresh. In addition to the new setting, the game also offers many new features. Let’s take a look at the new version of Fruits Inc and see if it’s a worthy game.

Fruits Inc 5

The game puts you in the shoes of Jill, a business graduate who gets to operate her grandmother’s farm. There are 45 levels in the game and the progression is fairly easy and simple. The game puts challenges in the form of gold, silver and bronze time standards for completing levels. If you are to complete all the levels in gold mode, the gameplay time is substantially increased. However, completing a level in one of the above mentioned time standards doesn’t give any incentive whatsoever in the future levels, which is a little disappointing.

The gameplay revolves around planting, growing and harvesting different species of fruits. There are several fruit species to choose from including but not limited to apricots, apples and strawberries. These fruits are planted over a piece of land just like any other farming game. Once ripe, you earn money by either selling them directly or processing them to make your own brand of products such as jelly, jam or juice. You have to setup fruit processing units in order to churn out various products. The most interesting thing about this part of the game is that you can customize the fruit product output into your own brand. You can select the desired name for your brand and even customize the containers for your fruit products.

Fruits Inc 6

You basically have four resources at your disposal. They include material, money, technicians and workers. Material is in the form of fruit seeds. Technicians make sure your crops remain free from bugs while workers build fruit processing units. Workers also work inside these processing units for you. The more these workers work, the more experience points you make. You can later use these experience points to upgrade quality seals, green seals or productivity. Quality seals reduce the time required to process fruits. Green seals increase the price of your finished fruit products whereas increased productivity allows you to process more fruits at a time.

Fruits Inc 8

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The graphics are quite simple yet charming in their own way. There is no clutter and you would have a soothing feeling by having a look at the screen with these light graphics.

Overall, Fruits Inc is a charming game. The game might get a little frustrating at time since there is a steep learning curve to it but if you are patient enough there is more to like in the game than despise.

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