Gardenscapes 2

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

The graphics, sounds and gameplay is quite noteworthy

This is something for casual gameplayers, there is nothing hardcore or challenging about it

Gardenscapes 2 is the new iteration of the original Gardenscapes. Gardenscapes 2 builds on the legacy of its predecessor with various new additions in this game. With Gardenscapes 2, developer Playrix has upped the ante and delivered a game with compelling and touching storyline along with good graphics. Let’s find out more about this game.

Gardenscapes 2 2

It would be fitting to first talk about the story. Gardenscapes 2 puts you in the shoes of Austin who revisits his place of birth, only to find out that it is in tatters. As Austin, you must resurrect your place of birth, especially the family garden which acts as the central theme of the game. As you play along, you get flashbacks from the past which add an emotional touch to the story line.

The gameplay is fairly simple yet challenging. You have to refurbish the entire estate, especially the garden. You can sell old items like furniture and purchase new one. Similarly you can decorate the garden with various species of flowers and other embellishments. As the game’s name suggests, gardening is the most important aspect of this game and the gameplay has plenty to offer in this regard. You also discover various hidden items throughout the house. Discovering all these items can be quite challenging yet highly satisfying. Discovering items also lends a hand to extend the gameplay.

Gardenscapes 2 3

There are also two companions in the game and chances are you would get quite attached to them. They are your dog and the butler. They show loyalty and true service which makes you emotionally gravitate towards them.

The graphics are quite good. The garden presents a serene view which would lighten up your mood. The music is also noteworthy and complements the story and graphical representation well

Gardenscapes 2 6

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Gardenscapes 2 won’t appeal to hardcore gamers and is targeted towards casual gamers. The game is especially well suited to children with its charming graphics and fairly simple gameplay. So if you want to spend some time playing a casual game with an added advantage of an engaging story, do give Gardenscapes 2 a try.

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