GOGO Farming

6.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

It's a simple game and would be great to have as an app if you need to kill time

It gets tiring for the fingers after a while with all the bug squashing

The Smartphone operating systems, especially iOS is littered with farming games. Farming games on touch screen smartphones have been quite successful because such games are usually a great way to kill time. GOGO Farming is a new entry by the talented developers “Moxy Games” in the seemingly saturated farming games genre. Let’s see how GOGO Farming stacks up against other similar games in the genre.


GOGO Farming is a simple and enjoyable farming game which basically deals with fruit harvesting. There are several kinds of fruits you can sow, grow and harvest. All this is done by tapping on the screen just like any other farming game for touch screen devices. You get orders from customers which you have to fulfill promptly. The idea is fairly simple; you plant the fruits, wait for them to be ready for harvesting, harvest them and then sell them to get the in-game currency which is in the form of coins. You can use these coins to purchase beautiful embellishment items to decorate your farm. There are many items in the decorate mode and you would have a great time picking up decorative items for your farm.

However things are not that simple since your fruit crop is immune to bug infestations. You have to keep these bugs at bay or risk losing your yield. You do this by simply tapping the bugs off. There are several kinds of pests to worry about, which include caterpillars, ladybirds, mice and locusts. This pest infestation mechanism adds a new level of depth to the game which is not found in most other farming games and adds a level of difficulty to this otherwise easy game.


There are 35 levels and each new level brings something new to the game. Since the main theme of the game is fruit harvesting there are plenty of fruit species on offer here. You can choose from apples, apricots and cherries among other fruits. There is also a special mode in the game called “mega fruits” where you reap extra large-sized fruits and earn a bagful of coins. This mode is really interesting and fun to play.

Graphics are very charming and light on the eyes. The amount of colors on the screen is staggering and you get a sense of rejuvenation simply by having a gander at the screen. The fruits and bugs combine to present a colorful, cheerful and beautiful game. The looks are complemented well by the accompanying music which sets the tone straight for an enjoyable time.


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GOGO Farming is a wonderful addition to the farming games on iOS. It’s beautiful and has nice gameplay. If you love farming games, chances are you would definitely like this game, so give it a shot.

GOGO Farming is free to play.

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