Green Farm 3

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

Colorful visuals. | Rich storyline.

Very similar to other farming games.

Fans of the original Green Farm will love to know that there is now a Green Farm 3. It gives you the same experience you love, but in a more beautiful and better package. It is updated and improved, making for a game any farming genre fan will want to play endlessly. You have all of the basics that you expect, such as planting and harvesting, plus so much more. There is a lot for you to do here, from caring for the manor to fishing to many more activities. Boredom is never a problem when playing this game, making it a quick favorite.

Green Farm1

In Green Farm 3, you have inherited a manor from your uncle. It is an old, rundown manor that is in need of a lot of help. Luckily, your uncle chose the right person to take care of it. Using your skills, as well as your friends, you will bring it back to its old glory. Work on caring for it, improving its appearance, and getting all of the plants back up. It takes time, but it is worth it once your manor is in excellent condition. Of course, you are not just building here. You have to think about the plants and animals, too.

Plant, grow, and harvest crops and take care of the animals, such as the chickens. Keep everything happy and healthy. You will want to take care of all needs, work quickly, and keep everything moving forward. With so many parts of the farm, especially as you improve, this is not going to be easy work.

Green Farm2

You will have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to maintenance, but that is what makes these types of games so entertaining. It is not build and leave; it is nurture and watch become something amazing.

The storyline, characters, and missions all give this game so much more excitement. Sure, you could just farm forever, but that becomes boring. Here, though, you have the chance to meet new faces and set new goals. Make progress in the storyline, meet the interesting characters, and complete the missions handed to you. With the excellent designs, you can enjoy every minute of it. You will laugh, you will love, and you will find that farming games do not have to be boring and monotonous. Here, you can have so much more fun than you normally have with these types of titles.

Green Farm5

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You are not alone. Green Farm 3 is a social game, as well, so get your friends involved. Friends are there to help you meet your goals so get them involved. Get them playing, help them out, and ask them for assistance. Without friends, you may not get as far as you could get. Like most social games these days, there is a strong reliance on the social aspect of the game. While it is not necessary to have fun, it offers a huge boost that you will want. You can succeed when you have friends on your side.

Green Farm 3 is free to play.

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