Grimm’s Hatchery

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

It has definitely taken a large leap away from all the traditional farming games out there and there are a lot of pets and items to buy

The graphics are too simple and it has somewhat a dull execution

Grimm’s Hatchery”, developed and released by Amaranth Games, is not another three-in-a-row puzzle or micromanagement-type game. Rather, it’s a magical pet simulation game that’s set in the role-playing game universe like the well-liked “Aveyond”.

Despite the original concept, the game isn’t very exciting to play. Why?

The Premise Behind the game.

“Grimm’s Hatchery” starts out with the player learning that the king – who is also the player’s stepfather – has died. The kingdom has been left to the Lord Boras, the evil stepbrother. However, according to the king’s stipulations, you can overthrow the stepbrother by earning 300,000 gold coins, in 80 days or less.

Now, in order to attain the 300,000 gold coins to overthrow the evil lord, you need to talk with the townsfolk, carry out missions, take care of magical pets, and sell and hatch their eggs for additional animals and other supplies.


What’s The Game Play Like In “Grimm’s Hatchery”

The beginning of the game is situated in the town’s poor area with various buildings and characters being seen. Click on items like the key on the ground or an urn to see if you can get anything of value. You can talk to characters by clicking on them, and see what they give you.

You’ll also be given a dragonfly that flies around the farm, laying eggs. Click the hatched egg to put it into your sack. You’ll have to deal with monsters – evil birds, critters, serpents and more. Click on them to defeat them; if not, your pets will be poisoned and will need medicine for them to get well.


Sell your eggs to make a little money and purchase better pets. With the help of powerful weapons you can get, you won’t need to click as often to fight and defeat the invading monsters. As the game continues, you’ll get to access map’s other regions, allowing for additional missions. The decisions you make will positively or negatively affect your success to overthrow your stepbrother, the lord.

At the farm of Grimm’s Hatchery, you will need to feed the animals, pick the hatched eggs up and defend the property from threats… all of it taking place in a day’s time. The next day, you can continue with the farm life or click the map to sell or purchase items, or talk with characters to learn the missions you need to attain the 300,000 gold coins you need in 80 days to overthrow that stepbrother of yours.


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A Twist In The Game

If you want to create a brand new species, all you have to do is zap two pets together. It doesn’t take long but you do waste time on it. However, you can zap the pair together to either sell them for money or take care of them.

Grimm’s Hatchery” does get a bit repetitive; although it’s still fun to take care of the animals and talk with the townsfolk to sell and purchase eggs, animals and other things.  If you’ve played “Aveyond”, and liked it, you may like Grimm’s Hatchery… even with its meek graphics and dismal performance. However, if you’re looking for a “pet simulation” type of game, maybe you should wait until the developers of “Aveyond” release “Aveyond II: Ean’s Quest”, which is set for later this year.

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