Happy Tale

9.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Bright and colorful in-game graphics and animations.

Over-used gameplay.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Happy Tale, check out the Cute Farms category.

Happy Tale is a game combining pleasant stories and comic adventures while discovering the ancient secret of happiness!  You will plant crops, build houses and workshops, remove rubble such as trees, rocks and grass and battle roman spies.

About Happy Tale

A very long time ago there was a wonderful village in the deepest depths of the forest inhabited by happy, lovable people.  These people are from ancient Hibernia and enjoy a happy, healthy life and they love beautiful flowers.  Now strangers from a distant land are building and destroying their beloved forest.

Only you and you alone can stand up and defend the peace and true happiness that abounds.  You will be looking after forest animals, taking care of your village and fighting off enemies.  This game is extremely fun to play and enjoy.

About the Game

Happy Tale6

You will travel through the beautiful land of Hibernia, meet and live among wonderful friends.  You can decorate your village from a huge selection of over 200 decorations.  In your travels you will gain strong allies to help fight off the enemies while helping your friends.

Discover the power of nature and the joy of true magic.  Get allies lined up and defend the village against spies, warriors and nasty siege towers!

You will discover and experience an amazing story full of charm and humor!

How To Play

Like other farming games of this genre, you will be clearing your land, building houses and other buildings such as workshops, a blacksmith’s shop and sawmills.  While performing these tasks, you are gratifying your villagers (called heroes)  who will be more than happy to work for you.

Happy Tale9

Providing food is very important because work will not get done if the heroes are not fed first. Outside of food, you will need plenty of energy in order to perform other duties.  All your duties are going to require the consumption of energy.  Clearing the land of trees, rocks and grass must be done in order to make the land usable.

You will also be collecting crops, discover and search mysterious boxes and clean up your dog’s mounds.

You will have to fight off Roman Spies who show up from time to time. All of these activities require energy. You can purchase much needed energy with real money if you need to.

About the Dog

Happy Tale10

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One special feature in this game is the dog! You will set him free from a cage and discover he is not your average dog.  He is extremely lazy and full of mischief! You must wake him with a yummy bone, that you get from visiting neighbors, then watch him run around digging holes everywhere.  These holes leave mounds that you must clean up. The upside is, while cleaning up the mounds you will find various things you can use and need.


Similar to another farming game called Pioneer, you have your multiple activities and duties to perform in order to grow your land. You visit other players lands and get various gifts for visiting. This game does allow for humorous moments that set it a part from other similar games.

In Conclusion

Overall, it’s a fun game and definitely designed for players who are also big fans of games like Pioneer.  If that’s you, grab your friends, come on over and experience  hours of fun!

Happy Tale is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Happy Tale, check out the Cute Farms category.

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