Hay Day

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Smooth gestural controls.

No real twists on the farm sim formula.

One of the newest additions to the collection of farming games out there, known as Hay Day,throws you into what real farm work is, all while letting you raise up adorable livestock and grow crops.

The games start when your character is left with a huge farm to tend to, including a plethora of chickens, cows, and sheep to care for, and plenty of crops to grow. Through all of this, you also have to maintain the ranch, tackling repairs, expansions, and dealing with visitors looking to wander around or buy goods from you.

The game works on your mobile phone and connects to Facebook, so some of those visitors may be friends of yours (and you can visit friend’s farms as well!). To earn money, you sell crops and goods from your animals, including wool and milk. In fact, you can post ads advertising your goods and wares to boost sales!

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Hay Day is fun and charming, and its graphics are incredibly impressive, rivaling browser based games all on a mobile device. The game is similar in play to other farming games, and there’s a solid tutorial at the beginning to bring you up to speed. And you can’t beat the price: it’s totally free! Check it out in the App Store today!

Hay Day is free to play.

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