8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Great art style and fluid animations. | Concise tutorial.

It can get boring after a while.

City building and farming collide in Klondike. Here, you will have the chance to build a brand new city while also dealing with all of the tasks that come along with a farm. You have numerous responsibilities here but, luckily, there are two friends to help you. With a quick and simple tutorial and an easy to understand set up, you can get started now. Enjoy your time in this little town, turning it into something fantastic over time. To make matters even more interesting, you have all of this along with a wonderful story that stays strong throughout the entire game.


You begin with a simple story. Your father went on an adventure long ago, but he never returned. You do not know where he is or what he is doing. You are certain of one thing, though, and that is that he is still alive. Using his letters as clues, you track him to the last place he visited before the letters stopping coming entirely. When you arrive, you learn that he was most certainly there and even left you a surprise. That surprise is what will start you on this journey of building and farming. Once you get started, you can begin making the changes that your father wanted in this little town.


Building a city in Klondike is easy. You can collect all of the resources and start putting it all together with ease. When you get the surprise from your father, you will have a good start. You can begin putting up necessary structures and getting everything into shape. With a little effort, you can see it all start to look like a real, large town. It will take time before everything is where it should be, but that is time worth spent. You will love the results that come from your dedication and work.

It is not a simple city builder, however. It is also a farming game, allowing you to collect everything you need for a farm. You start out with some chickens and cows, and you can start to grow from there. Get your animals, collect, and improve. You have crops, too, that you can harvest.


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It is nearly everything that you expect in a farming game, just with a focus on building, as well. Thanks to the great graphics and straightforward controls, you can manage all of this work with ease and fully enjoy the experience that is awaiting you.

Like most social games, Klondike uses friends to keep everything exciting. You will want to get your friends to play by inviting them. It is easy to do with the button so it should only take minutes. If you already have friends who play, or if you get some friends to start playing, you can help them out and they can help you out. When you visit their little town, you can also go mining for treasure. Whatever you choose to do, it will leave you excited from the moment that you start.

Klondike is free to play.

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