Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands

8.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Very easy to learn, awesome graphics

Not for hardcore male gamers

Magic Farm was quite hit among the target market of developer Meridian’93, when it was launched. Owing to the success of Magic Farm, it made perfect sense for Meridian’93 to follow up with a sequel and it did. “Magic Farm 2: Fairy Lands” is the sequel to Magic Farm and tries to add various new gameplay bits to the same formula which made the original game successful. Let’s find out more about Magic Farms 2. 

The story of Magic Farm 2 is perhaps its biggest attraction. Set in a fairyland where wizardry is common, you take up the role of a young girl named Iris.  The kingdom where she lives has plenty of skillful residents. Some are magicians, others seasoned cooks and gardeners. Iris is a senior student in the University of Wizardy. In this university, an annual Magical tournament is held where the brightest students present their learned magical skills in the fields of cooking and gardening. Being a senior student, Iris takes part in the tournament one last time. She aspires to win the tournament with all her learned skills in the university. Since she got her education in the faculty of alchemy and gardening, she would be showing her expertise in these fields. She would be expected to grow exceptionally beautiful flowers, unlike any other flowers out there, and various magical potions in front of highly experienced and strict panel of judges who would be responsible for marking the candidates. 

Magic Farm Fairy Lands 1

 As Iris, you are required to win this annual Magical competition. You also have a close companion in the game called Robin, who is always there to lend a helpful hand to Iris. Robin brings along specific skills which are very useful to complete the various quests confronted by the duo. Together they must complete different tasks such as taking care of flowers and making eye-catching bouquets in order to win this competition. As Iris, you will make several friends in the fairyland who would send you on various quests. Completing these quests improves your skills. 

Magic Farm Fairy Lands 8

There are several levels in the game. As you complete each level, you gain skills or improve upon the skills you already have. These skills are required to woo the judges at the annual Magical competition. 

The gameplay is fairly simple and intuitive. The learning curve is not steep and you would be up and running immediately. The graphics are another highlight of Magic Farm 2: Fairy Land. The screen is filled with cheerful and bright colors. Music is also light and enjoyable and plays a role in elevating the experience to a new level. 

Magic farm fairy Lands 11

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Magic Farm 2: Fairylands is an enjoyable game and is a worthy successor to the original. If you enjoyed Magic Farm you should definitely check out this game. 

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