Mini Fazenda

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It's a classical farming game with all the usual plants and perks

Caters to the specifically to Brazilian gamers

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms.

Farming games have taken the world by storm. They are played by millions of casual gamers around the world as time management games. Games like Farmville have been huge hits on the social networking media giant Facebook. Farmville has been developed by the talented American studio Zynga which has around 62 million active monthly users on Facebook. Now there is a new kid on the block with an aim to reproduce the same kind of success which Zynga was able to have. Welcome Vostu, an American start-up which has aimed at the Brazilian internet market with its game Mini Fazenda. Let’s find out more about the game.


Vostu claims to have 8.7 million active monthly users on Facebook, which is an impressive feat for a start-up company. Vostu chose the Brazilian market because according to research findings Brazil has fifth biggest online population in the world after China, United States, Japan and India. Infact Brazil’s online population is comparable to that of India’s but with the added advantage of the fact that many Brazilians possess credit cards unlike Indians. This makes Brazil an ideal place to focus for companies like Vostu.

The word Fazenda corresponds to “farm” in Brazil. Thus, in Mini Fazenda you would spend your time tilling a virtual farm just like most other farming games out there. Vostu contends that Brazilians tend to spend a lot on virtual items within farming games and thus Brazil is a very lucrative country for online business.


The game plays out similarly to many other games in the farming genre. You basically cultivate a piece of land, harvest the crops when they are ready and then either sell them directly or use them as inputs to manufacture finished products. There are many crops to cultivate and each crop takes different amount of time to be ready for harvesting. Needless to say, cultivating crops is the most dominant part of this game. There are many other items in the game which you can either purchase through in-game currency or through credit card. These items may include various agricultural machineries, decorative items and manufacturing units etc.

Apart from cultivation, the game has several other activities you can undertake. For example, you can set up several manufacturing units which can be used to produce finished products. These finished products can be sold to get extra cash or to complete various orders. The more orders you complete, the closer you get to the completion of each level. There are several levels in the game which means there are many hours of gameplay. There are also many items to decorate your farm for those of you who like embellishments. There are lamp posts, fences, pets, trees and the list goes on and on.


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The graphics are very charming. There are many items in the game, all of which are very detailed. You would instantly be attracted towards the cute and charming look of this game. The music is also enjoyable.

Mini Fazenda is a game targeted towards Brazilians. It does all the things right which are usually present in a good farming game. With Mini Fazenda you get a chance to live the life of a Brazilian farmer. If you are a fan of farming genre, it would be a good idea to check out this game.

Mini Fazenda is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms.

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