9.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

Unique style of farming.

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Miramagia is a cool game that is browser-based and free to play. In this game you can take on the likeliness of a shaman, druid, witch or mage that you can use to raise a dragon or grow a magic garden. The game world is detailed very nicely, as it was created using graphics that were drawn by hand and made lively with atmospheric animations.


Once you learn the basics about growing herbs and how to do your first spells, you will be given the task of caring for a baby dragon that just hatched. Your main objective with this game is to improve your garden, learn the most powerful spells and caring for rare plants. You have the ability to learn a spell for almost everything; for example something as easy as making it rain or as hard as controlling an entire temperature zone.


Best Features:

Miramagia has many cool features to offer. Here is an example of what you can expect:

Mythical Creatures

  • Begin the role as a sorcerer, mage, druid or shaman
  • Enter a world that is full of magic, awesome creatures and plants
  • Change the world by learning how to do powerful spells

Unique Plant Life

  • Learn how to use mystical plants to grow herbs
  • Sow, nurture and harvest your very own plants
  • Your talent in magic will help everything grow, regardless of the weather


Lots of Quests

  • Fulfil tasks for visitors of the village
  • Trade your plants or earn profits selling them at the market
  • Move through the rankings to become a powerful citizen of Miramagia

Learn Team Work Skills

  • In this game you must become part of the village and play with similar teammates.
  • Play, chat, work and have fun with others
  • Compete with others using your own village community; make yours the most successful and gorgeous place in the World of Miramagia.


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Cast Strong Spells

  • Care and foster your little dragon until it grows large and strong
  • Design your very own wonderland in Miramagia
  • You can use funny spells to make donations, decorate or prank your neighbors

In the end, Miramagia offers you a world full of both possibilities and magic. Here you will love tending to your wonderful garden, raising your dragon, casting the most powerful spells or taking on one of many quests inside the world. Whether you decide to go off on your own, stick with your friends or dedicate your time to helping the villagers with tasks, you will have fun in the magical world of  Miramagia.

Miramagia is free to play.

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