Molehill Empire

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Awesome free decorations so you could make your farm as pretty as possible, fun and easy to learn

Very basic farming game

Molehill Empire is a free browser game, with its excellent 3D graphics; many players are drawn to it. This game, in many ways, is being compared to the hit game Harvest Moon. This game was created in February 2008, starting with the first server being in Germany. As of 2010, there are said to be over 3 million accounts created for this game worldwide.


As you begin playing the game, you will be required to do the register process. After you have finished the register process, each time you log in, it will ask what server you choose (1, 2, 3, or 4) your log-in and password. As you begin playing the game, you are able to start building your virtual garden. You are also able to choose which plants that you would like to begin with. As you begin to level up in the game, more plants are available to plant.

In this game, approximately 50 plants are available, including the flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees. As you harvest your plants, you are able to sale for “money” and at that point purchase more plants or decorations for your garden.  As you begin to level up in the game, more plants will be available to you. When your plants become ready for harvest, you are able to sell your produce to the highest bidder that is at the market or sell it to customers that come up to your garden fence. As you spend more time decorating your garden, the higher your chances become for your customers to return to your fence to buy things from you. Customers will not be interested in purchasing certain things each day, but the longer you play the game, you will begin to see the customers wanting to purchase different things from you, such as olives.


Another positive thing that players are saying about Molehill Empire is that all of the decorations are for free, so you have endless decoration ideas that can be used on your garden. There are many different users that play the game daily; you can find these different users on posts and forums, as well as playing with your friends that you know play the game. This game has forums that are supported by Germany, Dutch and English.  As you add friends on the game, you can begin to visit their gardens and rate it as well as having your friends rate your garden.  Lend a helping hand to your friends as well as you team up and conquer different quests throughout the game.


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As with any other browser game, you are able to purchase things with actual money if you run out of money or “Gnome Bucks” on the game. There is also an option to pay to get the premium package. The premium package allows you to have two different gardens, have addition help from other gnomes, and you can have more inventory as well.  This game has endless possibilities, and definitely worth giving a chance at playing, especially if you are into the gardening story-type games.

Molehill Empire is free to play.

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