Monster World

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Gameplay: 7/10
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Graphics: 7/10

Great graphics and gameplay

Like most Facebook games out there, game credits will be needed from time to time

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms.

Monster World, a game created by Wooga is catching the eyes of many players of all ages around the world with 50 million players worldwide. Like most Facebook game available, Monster World is free to play. The game has been considered and compared to the popular game Facebook Farmville.


Like the Facebook game Farmville, Monster World has a certain twist to it. Instead of playing with people, you are monsters creating a garden like no other with plants such as the Lemonade bush, Spike Ball, Candycane Trees, or Teabag bush.  With similar games, the different plants have a certain harvest time—it could be anywhere from a few seconds to several days. To jump to the next level, you must earn stars. The stars in this game are represents the way money would in a game. To earn these stars, begin planting your unique plants or placing decorations in your garden. You can also earn stars by selling your harvest when the robots come around. In some cases, the robots will want to buy specific plants.  There becomes a twist in the game when you go to sell your harvest, because your monsters must be planting the specific things that the robot is wanting to purchase. With many users, you can play with Facebook friends or meet other users online to visit their farms and exchange gifts.

Monster World 12

As with many similar games, as you level up more plants and decorations will be available to buy. The more you decorate your farm, the more you are making your monster happy, which is an important role in the game. Happiness is a must in this game for your monsters. If your monsters become unhappy, they will begin to go on strike and refuse to tend to the gardens in the game. So it is important to keep your gardens decorated, and the monsters happy! There are many different themes with decorations to fit your monsters taste. Also as you begin to get into the higher levels of the game, you are able to purchase bigger buildings. Since this is a Facebook-based game, if you have Facebook account credits, you are able to make certain purchases as well, such as the magic wand to make your plants harvest right away.

Monster World 8

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This game is considered to be very kid-friendly, with its attractive farming monsters, it has gotten a lot of rave over the game! A lot of adults choose to play this sort of game as well because it is a game that required no thinking to be involved, and adults like that as they are trying to wind down from their days. If you want to try a game similar to Farmville, except with a twist, you should give Monster World a try. Another thing that players are raving about is that Monster World has gone mobile and can now be played on the go on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. It has also been mentioned that Monster World will also soon be available on the Android market as well.

Monster World is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Cute Farms.

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