Mother Nature

7.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

The game has an awesome mixture of strategy and time management

The graphics to the game still needs a lot of improvement

If you are a fan of farming games such as Plants vs. Zombies, and other similar releases, then you will love Mother Nature. In Mother Nature, you play as Autumn, a fairy who has been recruited by Mother Nature to eliminate the spread of the evil Gloom plants. Your main objective is to build an army of plants and animals, to try to fight Gloom’s minions, and to restore the land that they have ruined. Similar to Plants vs. zombies, this game integrates a successful mixture of strategy and time management, over 25 beautifully constructed environments.

As already mentioned, in Mother Nature you control a fairy named “Autumn”, who has been assigned the task of stopping the evil ‘Gloom’ from destroying the lands, and essentially taking over the gardens. As you defeat more of Gloom’s minions, you will unlock more areas of the map, and will be able to explore more of the beautiful surroundings.

mother nature 8

However, how do you raise this army of plants? Well in the beginning stages you will be limited to producing just white flowers, which whilst they do require frequent watering, they are certainly a useful ‘troop’ for you to have. Mother Nature makes it easy to identify when a plant needs re-watering, as they will begin coughing and a red circle on the mini-map will highlight where the plant is located. In the case that you need to move around the map quickly, you can simply click on a location on the mini-map, and your fairy will move accordingly.

A rather useful feature of Mother Nature is how you can chain up to eight actions at a time. This means that when your plants start to cough, you can have your character pick up the watering can, and water all of the white flowers then need watering with ease.

In terms of collectables, Mother Nature has a system where once you collect 5 bits of rubbish, you receive a free gold bar. This may be in an effort to support real-life non-littering, but this is a great way for you to make more money once the shop opens. Additionally, your white flowers produce what appear to be pearls every now and then, which are worthwhile collecting as an extra source of income.

mother nature 9

If you are like me, then you will find it frustrating when a tutorial is far too long, or contains a lot of dialogue for you to read. However, Mother Nature eliminates this rather boring stage of a game, and flashes red circle targets on what you need to click or use. The initial tutorial explains how you can gather gold bars, pick up seeds around the fairy sanctuary, plant the seeds near a Gloom plant and then water them. Unlike some tutorials it does not go into depth on unnecessary aspects of the game, which makes the experience far more enjoyable.

In addition, unlike many farming and gardening style games there are 3 difficulty levels for you to choose from:

Easy – This mode seems to make Gloom not retaliate when you take over any land. For this reason, if you are not too keen in constantly having to defend your newly gained lands, then you should preferable choose this mode.

mother nature 12

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Normal – In this mode, Gloom will attempt to fight back when you take over any land, and he will occasionally take some of your white flowers and replace them with Gloom plants.

Hard – At this point, Gloom will constantly be fighting back, and pushing you to retrieve his land from you. This results in more of your time fighting against Gloom in order to keep your already recused lands.

Overall, if you are a fan of other farming style games you will fall in love with Mother Nature, and see how awesome it is to fight back against the evil Gloom flowers, whilst building up an army of your own. The game has some wonderful graphics too, which are both pleasant to look at, and make the experience even more enjoyable. Just make sure that when you do play the game you remember to go outside every now and then, as it is very addicting!

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