My Free Farm

9.2 Overall Score
Gameplay: 10/10
Sounds: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10

Many interesting possibilities.

Many Premium options.

Similar to other Facebook social games like My Empire, Frontierville and Farmville, My Free Farm is a simulation game that is 2D browser-based and free to play.

General Gameplay

In the game your goal is to keep a watchful eye over a virtual operational farm where you can build many types of buildings. It’s best to begin by setting up fields to grow plants. You can then create buildings as you collect resources, in addition to buying and raising animals. You will have a blast obtaining large amounts of Gold that you can use to invest in future products.

The game’s focus lies on trade in the marketplace that occurs between players. During the game you will play nearly 39 levels with other players. In the game you must not only solve problems, but also harvest plants and gather animal products.

In this game you will work through various levels to purchase new fields and grow your farming empire as you plant, water and harvest various crops and take care of animals. Everything you need to know about the game can be answered by your in-game guide named Piggy Gordon.

The game is very addicting and a lot like the ever-popular Facebook game called Farmville. The difference is that my Free Farm has more game options, a larger task variety and better graphics.

Cost to Play

Much like other browser-based games, My Free Farm does not require money to play. However, the game does feature Coins that can be used to buy things that can be won in the game or purchased using real money. In the game you will find two types of currency: coins and cash. You earn coins in the game by selling your produce and completing quests. Cash, on the other hand, can be purchased for real money and can then be used to buy extra items.

If you want, you can pay to become a premium user which will allow you to buy items you normally would not be able to, in addition to extra space.

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Special Features

  • 4 animal buildings, 36 plant types, 38 levels and tons of quests await you.
  • Dive into the country as you go progress from “servant” to “Kuhkonig”.
  • Offer your products in the market and deal with other players.
  • Win special ornaments that you can place on your Nick page so your friends can see them.
  • Over 30 types of vegetables and fruits that you can sell at the local market to increase your cash flow.
  •  Purchase additional land and erect new buildings.
  •  Ride a bus to the Moo Town Market where you can buy anything you need for your farm or find quests to complete.
  • Win points and other decorative items by completing quests.
  • You can enter into competitions in Moo Town where you will compete to create new produce.

In the end, My Free Farm is very similar to Facebook’s popular Farmerama and Farmville. The game focuses on your simulated life in the country side watering and sowing plants and breeding animals. You will have many chances to buy, collect, expand and sell things to turn your farm from small to one of the most influential farmers in the game.

My Free Farm is free to play.

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