My Little Farmies

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Gameplay: 9/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10

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No English version for the game.

My Little Farmies is a browser game in which you develop your own virtual village community. This game will provide many of hours of entertainment. The village has to be developed. The farm’s agriculture has to be planted, tended, and processed.

There are various production buildings in which to process the dairy, the crops. You have a four mill and a juice press. This game will prove to be fun to play. It will provide you with much entertainment and you will be mesmerized. You will not want to quit playing.

My Little Farmies4

In development of your village you will turn a green meadow into a prosperous village. The agricultural simulation provides for production buildings in which the crops you plant-rye, wheat, fruit trees, and other produce-will be processed. You will raise farm animals such as cows, rabbits, and geese and then sale them to your customers.

This farm game is an exceptional tycoon game. This game allows for you-the player- to take control and decide which twists and turns the story will take. You are in control of which products you will want on your farm. If you operate it efficiently, you will have a prosperous village. Your profit will lead to further advancement.


My Little Farmies allows you to create your own world. The village is planned and decorated the way you want to. The better you plan the better the farm will be and the visitors and sales you will have. This village has a medieval setting which adds to the charm. It will take you back to the medieval days. The visitors to the village will be swept away by the charm.

My Little Farmies lets you develop your agriculture, harvest your crops, and mill your own flour and bake it in your bakery. The more you earn the more options and functions you are offered.

My Little Farmies6

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You will be able to have maids and farm labor which will lessen your daily chores. This will enable you to focus on other activities in the village.

My Little Farmies will help you to learn about the world of development. It will allow you to learn about farm life. It will teach you how to be successful not only in the virtual world but in the real world also. It will provide you with a feeling of accomplishment and prosperity. My Little Farmies is truly mesmerizing and enjoyable.

My Little Farmies is free to play.

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