6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 5/10

Easy to play.

Dated graphics.

There is no denying that Real-time strategy games are becoming increasingly popular in the gaming market today, and it seems that the same applies for farming simulations too. You may already know of the impressively popular Farmville or Hay Day, which are fun, easy and quick to get started with, however you may not have heard of the latest game in the market called Orchard.

Despite its slightly unimaginative storyline, Orchard is similar to many of the other farming simulation games, where you perform various farm related tasks, in order to achieve a list of set objectives, with limited resources. This game will feel very much familiar to other games you may have played, when you start to hire X many workers, in order to sell Y number of crops, to generate Z sum of cash and then continue to progress onto higher stages.


If you have experience with other farm simulation games, then you will love Orchard. As you could probably guess, a lot of the game revolves around growing a range of different crops, and then doing various tasks to make enough money to expand your buildings to hold more resources. Then you will have to magnify how many workers you have, in order to progress onto harder challenges, and to upgrade your structures even further. These eventually allow you to collect the amount of needed resources in order to complete some greater assignments, but usually with some waiting time involved.

On a much brighter note, unlike many of the other games like Orchard, you are not alone on your mission to expand your farm. You will often find yourself looking into hiring a group of workers, who will perform various tasks such as chopping down tress, harvesting crops and building more housing for more workers in the future. However, you will also be faced with an array of financial options. Orchard requires you to constantly judge the daily changes in market prices, in order to remain competitive and to display advertising in order to draw more customers, which proves as intriguing.


A rather nice touch that the game has is that once you have set a particular character to repeatedly do the same job, overtime they become more effective at what they do, and therefore their performance is greatly increased. Although, you will notice that in comparison to other similar games on the market, Orchard’s missions are a lot larger, and hence this feature is very handy.

Now despite this game’s good points, there is the slight issue of long tutorials, and rather long times to collect resources, but if you put it into perspective, this makes the experience more realistic. In addition, whilst there are some parts that seem to have somewhat slow progression stages and predictable tasks (build a gate to open a patch of land) these do greatly improve the realism of the game. Additionally, a lot of the fun in this game is the great feeling you get after getting all the supplies that you need in order to complete a task. For instance, collecting 500 pieces of wood, at a production rate of 5 every 10 seconds.


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What’s more, much of the enjoyment in Orchard is erratic. For instance, anticipating when buyers will pass your store to purchase any goods that they may need, or how much they are willing to spend really adds variety to gameplay.

With all of this in mind, Orchard is a game that you will be sure to enjoy if you are a fan of other similar farming style games, but it also provides a good challenge, which cannot be said for all Farming simulations.

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