Pot Farm

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Adds a certain twist to traditional farming games

This game allows you to visit your neighbor's farm, but there is no option to do any tasks for your neighbors to earn points for yourself, like other farming games

Pot Farm is just that – running a farm that has some questions about the legality of the crops you produce. There are over 900,000 people who play Pot Farm on Facebook, should you be one of them?

Pot Farm 1

This simple, but intriguing game is about a hippy type person growing a crop of questionable legality. The goal is to grow them to maturity and not get caught.  Of course, growing the illegal crops earns you more money than a legal crop; you can get caught by the local park ranger, who then confiscates them, if you don’t harvest them in time. That loses you points, coin, and possible the game.

The trick is to grow the illegal and legal crops together and outsmart the local park ranger. Then harvest all and many more money. The basic game play is planting different crops, waiting for them to grow, without getting caught, and harvest them to sell to your clients.

Of course, the illegal crops make you more money than regular crops, so you want to grow as many illegal crops as you can to make the most money. Getting caught is the trick to growing them. You can use the money for building new sheds, buying more land, and planting other crops that will cover up what you’re really growing. You can plant corn, to hops, to fir trees as well as the illegal ones. You have to be on the watch for the angry bears and inflatable sheep. They can be hungry at times and take your whole crop before you can chase them away or harvest your crops.

The fun it keeping the local park ranger from finding out what you’re growing. Along the way you’ll find “mystery seeds” you can plant. Some of special seeds have the ability to produce valuable, highly valuable crops. You can also bypass levels with some of the special seeds and gain a considerable amount of coins in just a few minutes with the mystery seeds.

pot farm 11

As you’re working your crops you might become fatigued. You have to pay for that in hard coins before you are less fatigued. You can also build contraptions out of special items you find along the way. It depends on what level you’re at and if you find the special items.

The fun is getting around the local park ranger and growing a crop that yields a considerable amount of money. The more chances you take the more money you make.

pot farm 12

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The resurgence in popularity for Pot Farm has been climbing for the last couple of months. As more people become users of this game the more the developers will enhance the game. The developers are looking for the million user mark.  Check the official community page to find out how many people are involved with Pot Farm. You’ll be amazed at the amount of people who want to grow illegal crops for all to enjoy.

Pot Farm is free to play.

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