Professional Farmer 2014

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Consistent gameplay. | Nice scenery.

Badly designed equipement shop. | Lagging issues.

Become a true farmer thanks to Professional Farmer 2014. While you will not become an actual farmer, someone who works in the fields and earns actual money, you can feel like one with the work offered here. There is a plethora of tasks awaiting you, all true to what farmers experience in their everyday life. You can plant crops, harvest, care for animals, choose machinery, and do so much more. There is always a task awaiting you and always an option ready for you. If you have ever wanted to step into the shoes of a farmer, now is your chance to do so.

Professional Farmer2

Farmers have to deal with their plants and livestock. Most likely, this is something that you already know. Farmers have to keep their plants and livestock in great condition, have to manage everything properly, and have to gather all of the produce and other raw ingredients without failure. Doing all of this in person is hard, and you get to see for yourself in Professional Farmer. While you will not feel the true hardships faced by farmers, you will get an idea. This will help you when trying to live the life of a farmer for days, though time will fly here.

Professional Farmer6

It is not just dealing with the crops and livestock that matters, though. In Professional Farmer 2014, you also have the regular seasons. This is what you would experience in real life, after all, so there is no reason to leave it out. Seasons help you to understand what to do if you are a farmer in such a situation. If you have any aspirations to become a farmer, having this inside knowledge could help you. You will learn some basic information about how to protect your plants when the terrible weather begins to hit. You can plan, prepare, and keep yourself ready for what is ahead.

Running through campaign mode is a great choice. You can work your way up to the top, purchasing all of the vehicles and machinery that you need as time goes by. When your farm is ready, buy the necessary vehicles and machines to keep everything running.

Professional Farmer11

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With so many options, and all from major brands on the market, you can find something easy almost right away. As you continue through the campaign mode, you will collect and improve and get everything that you need to run your farm the way that true farmers run theirs these days.

Sometimes, though, you want to relax. Professional Farmer 2014 makes that possible with the sandbox mode. Rather than having you push yourself through the campaign mode, you will start building on your own. Play with styles and options, get everything looking good, and see what is possible. Sandbox mode will not have any time restrictions nor any lists for you to complete. You can play and enjoy the scenery at your own pace, even if that means you would rather relax. Create the farm of your dreams here with complete ease and without having to deal with any annoyances.

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