Ranch Rush 2

7.4 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

A fun and colorful game for learning time management, great presentation


It doesn’t matter if you want to learn time management or not, when you play Ranch Rush 2 it becomes automatic. You can learn while you play without knowing it. Those who need a break from everyday work load will find Ranch Rush 2 just the thing to take your mind off the grunge work, even if it’s homework.


Gather your things together and enjoy a tropical getaway with a bustling farmer’s market you can build yourself. The story is about fixing an ailing flower nursery. You take time off from the nursery and go on a work-free vacation to a tropical area. Just the thing you need for a break. This sequel brings you to an area that is more enjoyable with new opportunities for fun and a way to help grow new plants for the nursery. Just think of the plants you can grow and sell to people hungry for plants.

Although the scene is in the tropics, you find there are no local farmers. What an opportunity for you and your partner. You have to figure out why there are no local farmers. The goal is to get some land and hit the market with crops the locals have never seen. The door is open to build a whole new business on a tropical paradise.

You fulfill orders, but first you have to cultivate the land to grow the crops. Order start coming in and you have to match them or lose the business. Time is working against you as you work harder to fill order of items like llama wool, fruit rollups, and pomegranate juice. Not your usual produce, but you’re enterprising, so you can handle it.


It takes a good amount of time to grow the crops and bring them to market. You have the tough job of making sure all the clients order are filled. Of course, time is always working against you as you arrange simple flower arrangements to producing bananas to fill client’s orders. And you have to fill them in the time allotted.

You can’t find a funnier game than Ranch Rush 2 for learning time management and having fun doing it. You don’t even know you’re learning as you rush around filling orders. The time is always ticking, so you have to bring about some order, so you can take care of your clients in the time frame. It’s better than doing your homework for the next day.

Ranch Rush screenshot 2

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You still get to go about having fun as you take Sundays off to sail the seas, fish the rivers, or sit back and chat with the locals. You earn coins for every fish you catch. The bigger the catch, the more coin you receive. It’s one of the easiest ways to gain money in Ranch Rush 2.  You just have to keep in mind the orders you need to fill as you enjoy your day in the sun.

Ranch Rush 2 is free to play.

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