Rising Cities

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Similar to other city-building games.

Rising Cities is a new browser game that gives you the unique opportunity to play a sim-like city development game, with many different strategic elements thrown into the mix. In Rising Cities, there is no end to the population and success that your city can possibly have, but without you the city will never thrive.

It is your job to become the mayor that your city so desperately needs in order to allocate resources to the different buildings in your city, collect rent from your city’s residence in order to have enough money to continue the growth of your city, and ultimately prove that your city is the strongest city in the game.

Rising Cities11

Rising Cities is an online game, so you will be able to climb the leader-boards by growing the population of your city and appeasing your citizens through the many public utilities that you can place. A city without a mayor to help it grow is barely a city at all and this holds very true in Rising cities.


You begin Rising Cities with very few buildings and it is your job to help these buildings grow into stores, thriving businesses and create an attractive environment for other individuals to move into your city.

Rising Cities12

Throughout Rising Cities you will be able to earn money by collecting rent from the tenants of the buildings in your city and use this money to help your city’s economy flourish into a booming market.The better your city becomes, the higher on the leader-board that you can climb. In order to create bigger and better buildings for the residents of your city, you will need to create a strategy for the allocation of resources into your buildings.

If you waste all of your resources on a building that will not bring in more money (meaning that you will not be able to buy more resources,) it will be next to impossible to buy any more resources and the progress of your city will halt completely. A city really does need a good mayor, but there are numerous ways to halt the progression of your city’s economy, so be careful!

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For fans of city development games, Rising Cities is the perfect new game to check out. Since Rising Cities is a browser game, you will be able to play the game on any computer that has internet access (and a web-browser of course) so there is no need to worry about downloading the game.

This not only frees up valuable space on your computer, but means that you can jump into the action immediately instead of waiting for the game to download onto your computer! Come join the fun today and be the mayor that your city needs.

Rising Cities is free to play.

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