Smurfs’ Village

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Lovely graphics and colors


Smurfs’ Village has surprisingly appeal to those who like the Smurfs. This is a free game to download to your mobile device.  You get to manage the entire village of Smurfs. There are houses to build, crops to grow, buildings to build, and land to be had for every Smurf.

The fact is you control what’s going on in Smurfs’ Village. You can make it the smurfiest place in the entire world of Smurfs. Of course, if you want to build the village it will cost you in Smurfberries, but you can play the complete game free of charge. The advance buildings do take the berries to build, but you can still build the entire village without the special buildings.

Smurfs’ 1

You can build bridges to cross the streams, creating another part of Smurfs’ Village. You can use the Handy Smurf’s workshop to create the advanced buildings. You can switch back and forth between building up the village with house, buildings and other things like bridges to growing the crops you need to make money to build the village. It all works together to build up Smurfs’ Village.

The more Smurfberries you have the faster things get done such as growing the crops needed to build the buildings. You can also build the special buildings using Smurfberries. There are mini games inside of Smurfs’ Village. This game is for the little ones when they need something to keep them busy while you do something else. They can bake cookies while they watch the baker’s ovens, being careful not to let anything burn.


There’s also a coloring game that will take up the time while you’re waiting for something else. You can advance through the levels. Each level is more challenging than the last. You also earn more point as you pass each level. You can share your triumphs through Facebook and invite your friends to your very own Smurfs’ Village.  You can visit other villages of your friends and see how they have built up their Smurfs’ Village.


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Fans of the Smurfs will love the authentic look of Smurfs’ Village and the familiar characters. You’ll also love the levels as each one gets harder as you go up the levels.

Smurfs’ Village is free to play.

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