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Awesome graphics and animations

The energy runs out pretty fast

The hottest game on Facebook today is The Big Farm Theory. You don’t want to miss out on working with the millions of uses who love, love, love this game. You can be assured the 5 star rating is authentic, especially when you read the reviews of those who declare “I love this game!”

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The graphic will knock you out while the animation will impress you to no end. This is a game for farmers who are smart people. The developers, RedSpell, created a farming game that is one of the biggest hits so far this year. They do work under the privacy policy and terms of service that abide by the laws of The People’s Republic of China. So, if you have a problem it will be “…decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in Haidian District, Beijing.”

However, you won’t have any problems when you choose your avatar. You have a choice between two men or two women.  If you don’t want either — you can choose the shaded grey character with a question mark, although you have to get married first. That way you can be anything you want.  There is a fourth character; however, you can only open the padlock when the time is right.

The Big Farm Theory game play is for the avatars to use energy to perform quests or tasks. The energy is generated at 3 minute intervals. When you run out of energy you have to use the game’s chocolates to purchase more. You can earn extra chocolates for tasks you complete. There are extras for creating a dwelling or a house to live in.

Big Farm Theory 6

The dwelling comes complete with satellite dish, solar panels and two levels of living. You construct other buildings by clearing land and using what on the land for the buildings. Every level has a different unlock key such as a seed or animal. You plant the seed to continue on with the game or the task. It won’t unlock the next level until you have completed all the tasks. You can collect bonuses along the way.

You’ll have to remember to water and feed animals and plants if you want to harvest the crop to be sold at the market. If you don’t, they will wither and die. You’ll have to start all over again.

The Big Farm Theory has missions you have to complete if you want to win cash, chocolates, materials, seeds and energy. You need all of them to work through each level. You’ll have to do some research on what makes certain seeds grow such as the Strawberry Volcano seed.  It may sound hard, but you only have to think a little to know what each seed needs to grow.

big farm theory 5

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Of course, you have neighbors to call upon if you need help with constructing any building.  While you’re building there are “things” that will come along and take care of your crops for you (they will eat or destroy), then you’ll lose that crop and have to start again. It can be the wolves, which you can scare away with slingshots, or Yeti that will take a few more shots to run it off. You can get a Beegun, but you’ll need lots of gold.  You don’t want to miss out on one of the most intriguing games of the year that everyone is playing.  Try The Big Farm Theory and see if you don’t agree.

The Big Farm Theory is free to play.

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